Tuesday, November 1st, 2011
Think ST Solutions welcomes the theme for Australian Food Safety Week 2011 ‘Vulnerable Populations’. Cooking food for the elderly, young children and others with weakened immune systems requires careful preparation to prevent serious illness.

At Think ST Solutions we encourage all food businesses to not only meet food law compliance but to reduce their business risk by introducing systems that help set out how organisations manage food from the selection of food suppliers through to the plated meal or final product.

With experience and a background in the food industry spanning over 25 years, we support the broader food industry by using creative approaches to encourage and engage with industry members, managers, individuals or business owners of food businesses alike to review current practices.

We find it’s not always what the industry knows, but what they don’t know or are not aware of that causes them the highest risk. It is better to be trained or mentored through one of our programs, than run the risk of having your business closed through simply not being aware.

John Patison ; Immediate Past National President, Institute of Hospitality in HealthCare said “No one wants to go through a major food poisoning event in their business as there are only two possible outcomes: you could actually lose your business; or it may take years to recover and regain the confidence of your customers whether that be in a health care or restaurant environment.

Current food law compels hospitals, aged care facilities and child care centre's to review their Food Safety Program at least every 12 months. With some great advice from industry experts, Think ST Solutions has developed a simple to use checklist called the ‘How to Conduct a Review of Your Food Safety Program’ to assist an organisation manage it's review and reduce food safety and business risk.

Think ST Solutions has a range of other information resources to choose from to assist an individual or an organisation.

1. A Guide to Food Safety in Aged Care Facilities to meet the Skills and Knowledge requirements.
2. Cleaning Resource Kit to advise you on the steps to develop a kitchen cleaning program for your food business.
3. Cleaner’s Guide, explaining how to clean and maintain kitchens, food preparation and storage areas in a commercial operation.

John Patison continued, ‘Even in the best run business there are no absolute guarantees that you won’t go through one of these events, but using this well researched guide you will minimise your risk and be able to provide the evidence required to show that you have taken every possible precaution in keeping your customers safe”.

All Think ST Solutions products are written in simple, easy-to-understand English with coloured photographs. They have also been subject to industry and regulatory review.

Food Safety Week provides a timely reminder for all food handlers and members of the public to be vigilant when preparing food for the elderly and those with weakened immune systems. Remember food which can cause food poisoning may not look or taste spoiled. We wish the Food Safety Council every success with this important initiative.

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Think ST Solutions support the broader food industry by using creative approaches developed by industry experts, for industry.

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