Monday, December 19th, 2011
When MOS Burger opened its first Australian store earlier this year the Australian market was greeted to a unique range of burgers and tastes.

Now another burger has been added to that range with MOS Burger releasing its Veggie Kinpira burger to its Australian stores. The burger features a theme ingredient of burdock, something not commonly used by most Australians. The vegetable is extremely popular in Asia and MOS Burger believes Australians will love not only the taste but also the health benefits of the burdock too.

The taproot of burdock plants is harvested to be eaten as a root vegetable. The vegetable is already very popular in Asia and is now achieving international recognition for its culinary use. Burdock is also advocated in the macrobiotic diet which has increased its popularity further. Importantly, burdock also gives the burger health benefits. That’s because burdock contains a fair amount of dietary fibre, calcium, potassium, amino acids, and is low in calories.

What makes this new burger even more special is that instead of being served between bread buns it is served with rice buns. The burger also contains seaweed and carrot cooked in the Kinpira style. That’s a traditional Japanese cooking style that is best summarised as “sauté and simmer”.

The Veggie Kinpira (Burdock and Carrot Rice Burger) is available now from MOS Burger stores in Australia. Aussies who are keen to try the new burger can get to MOS Burger at Sunnybank (Brisbane), Australia Fair (Gold Coast) and Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast).

The MOS Burger brand originated with its first store in Tokyo, Japan in 1972 and has grown to open over 1500 stores throughout Japan and South East Asia. MOS Burger opened its first Australian store in Brisbane earlier this year. Since then, MOS Burger has opened 2 more stores on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland.

The MOS Burger menu has proved very popular in Australia and plans are already in place for further store openings around the country. The company has also recently launched a MOS Club Facebook page offering users connected with the page opportunities to access special deals promoted only through that Facebook page.
About MOS Burger
MOS Burger is a unique restaurant that was born in Tokyo Japan back in 1972, and has grown to over 1600 stores worldwide.

With our signature dish of ‘Rice Burger’ you just have to try it to believe how tasty and healthy it is.

MOS Burger also has a range of Asian style flavour burgers that is like no other you have ever tasted.

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