Monday, October 31st, 2011
Willetton, WA – ETCorp, working with a team of university students, has released breakthrough technology for "situational awareness". Previously such technology was only available to the military and large government organisations but now can be purchased as a mobile phone app for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

In television shows like 24, operatives like Jack Bauer use technology to share their situation using video and other sensors. The military also used the same capability so that President Obama could watch live as the raid on Osama Bin Laden occurred.

Reflecting the trend where consumer technology leap frogs the expensive projects of large defence corporations, anyone can access such technology for their android phone.

ETCorp, a global corporation that has enabled this capability for a wide range of customers, believes that the technology has wide application.  Customers have used its technology to catch polluters, monitor potential terrorists, mind their holiday house and manage their business production.  It could save lives just as easily as it fulfills those functions.

ETCorp has made the application free for disaster response workers believing that anyone volunteering or committing to humanitarian pursuits should have access to this application for free.

"I would buy a cup of coffee if it helped a disaster response worker save a life.", said ETCorp CEO Martin Cebis. "This application costs less than that so we think we can give it to them for free."


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ETCorp is a highly innovative developer of people centred monitoring systems for industrial, commercial, government and military applications. The company’s GPAC System™ is More Than Video™, enabling integration of multiple cameras, sensors and devices to deliver real time data sharing across multiple locations and stakeholders via a secure web browser. The GPAC System™ has won state, national and international awards from industry and user judges.
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