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With the scariest date in the Australian calendar here on Monday, new research by McCrindle Research shows a quarter of Australians (26%) are likely to celebrate Halloween this year, with 8% certain that they will! Over half of those (51%) with primary school aged children plan to get spooky this October 31st. It’s no wonder 7 in 10 (70.5%) Australians believe we are celebrating Halloween more than we used to!

Generationally speaking:

Those in Generation Y (aged 18-31) were far more likely to have celebrated Halloween than Generation X (aged 32-46) and the Baby Boomers (aged 46-65). When asked whether they had ever celebrated Halloween before, 53% of Gen Ys had, compared to 45% of Gen Xs and 40% of Baby Boomers.

Mark McCrindle said, “Generation Y is Australia’s first global generation. From their favourite music and websites to their fashions and now celebrations, they are connected to, and influenced by their global peers.”

Why do we celebrate?

The number one reason why Australians celebrate Halloween is that it is a lot of fun for their children, with 44% of respondents who will participate in Halloween identifying this as a reason. Proving us to be a nation that will celebrate at the drop of a hat, 2 in 5 (40%) of those planning to celebrate Halloween selected that “they like any excuse to see their friends and have a party” as their reason for participating in Halloween.

The top five reasons to celebrate Halloween?
It’s a lot of fun for my kids 44%
I like any excuse to see my friends and have a party 40%
I like special events and it’s nice to share these internationally 35%
Halloween is a tradition for me. I celebrate every year 13%
I like the Celtic roots of Halloween and the history around this 12%

An Australian Halloween:

Providing treats for trick or treaters is the most common Halloween activity, with 64% of those celebrating Halloween planning to take part in this activity, rising to 79% among families with primary school aged children. Even those who are anti-Halloween aren’t necessarily going to turn away a trick or treaters. While 64% of Australians aren’t planning on celebrating Halloween, a smaller number said they weren’t planning on giving anything to trick or treaters (46%), showing there are a number of us who would still give treats out despite their own personal view of Halloween.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of those celebrating Halloween are planning to go trick or treating with family or friends, rising to 57% among those with primary school aged children.

Top 3 ways to get involved in Halloween (Respondents selected all that apply)
Providing “treats” for trick or treaters 64%
Getting dressed up in spooky costumes 34%
Putting up decorations (spider webs, witches hats etc.) 34%

And as for the uninvolved…

45% of those who do not intend to celebrate Halloween will not do so because they see it as an American tradition. This was a common belief, with 64% of all respondents selecting America as the origin of the holiday. Still, some did look further back, with nearly 1 in 5 (19%) survey respondents holding Halloween to be a Celtic tradition.


Mark McCrindle is the founder of McCrindle Research and he is available for comment on the research conducted. For an interview, please contact Mark on 0411 5000 90. 

Methodology of this research:

McCrindle Research conducted an online survey in October 2011. The online survey was deployed through Qualtrics to a research panel via Permission Corp, on the 10th October 2011, and was in field for 5 days. The survey received 631 completed responses across a national sample. The data collected allowed respondents to be segmented into generational categories and family and household structures. This study was researched and resourced by McCrindle Research.

A full report with all demographic breakdowns is available. For a copy, please contct Mark McCrindle.  

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