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The World Hits 7 Billion on 31 October 2011:

As the world counts down to 7 billion, social demographer Mark McCrindle analyses the numbers and looks at Australia’s contribution to population growth.


  • According to the UN Population Division the global population will hit 7 billion on Monday 31 October 2011 (although the US Census Bureau contends that we will hit this mark in March 2012)
  • Annual world population growth has slowed to 1.1% however it has still taken just over 12 years to add the latest billion (Day of 6 Billion was 12 October 1999)
  • The world hit 1 billion inhabitants in 1800 and it took 130 years to add 1 billion, hitting 2 billion in 1930. However we have added the latest 4 billion people in just over 50 years (from 1960 when we hit 3 billion)!
  •  Based on current trends, the world will surpass 8 billion in 2025, 14 years from now.
  • The global population has doubled since 1966 when it hit 3.5 billion. Interestingly in that same year Australia’s population hit 11.5 million and it also has (almost) doubled in the 45 years since then.
  • Australia is forecast to hit its next population milestone of 23 million in July 2012.
  • So Australia’s population is just 0.33% of the global population.
  • And Australia’s population growth is currently exceeding the world growth rate. In 2009 Australia was growing at 2.2% per year- although this has now slowed to 1.4% - still well above world growth.
  • The 7 billionth global citizen is most likely to be a baby born in India (the country with the highest number of births) and a boy (112 boys are born in India for every 100 girls) born in Uttar Pradesh (India’s most populous state – and the world’s most populous sub-national entity) named Aarav (currently India’s most popular baby name) which interestingly means “peaceful”.
  • Although, based on our contribution to the world population, there is a 1 in 300 chance that the 7 billionth person is an Australian. If this was the case then it would most likely be a baby boy (currently there are 105 males born in Australia for every 100 females) born in NSW (the state with the highest number of births) named William (currently the most popular baby name being registered in NSW).                                                                                                                                     
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