Friday, October 28th, 2011

Lady Gaga is a pop star that isn't afraid to embrace horror and Halloween themed imagery. For example, her colourful and outlandish outfits often resemble homemade Halloween costumes. She encourages her fans to dress outlandishly at her concerts. She calls these fiercely dedicated fans “My Little Monsters". Gaga rewards her little monsters with outspoken praise via interviews and her Twitter, having nearly 13 million followers.

Her videos are incredibly detailed and very cinematic. They usually feature horror themed imagery that makes her work appropriate for Halloween. For example, many videos feature frighteningly dressed dancers threatening Lady Gaga. Often, these videos resemble short horror films. Her 2009 performance of "Paparazzi" at the "MTV Music Video Awards" climaxed with her covered in blood and mimicking death on-stage.

“The Fame Monster” album is a continuation of her fixation on horror and Halloween themed imagery. The album explains the darker side of fame, expressed through a monster metaphor. Lady Gaga experienced this aspect of celebrity over the course of 2008–09, while traveling around the world.

Experiencing this celebrity lifestyle she had aspired to her whole life left her troubled. She has expressed this side of celebrity throughout "The Fame Monster." For example, "Paparazzi" is about her experiences with the negative aspect of the relationship between celebrities, their fans and paparazzi. "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich" discusses the empty partying lifestyle of many of the celebrities she had encountered while traveling the world.

The BigPond Music Infographic about Lady Gaga has an appropriate Halloween theme that highlights her affinity for Halloween imagery. Visitors will be astonished to find that her first album “The Fame Monster” generated seven Top 5 singles between 2008 and 2010. This makes it the only album in Australian history to produce that many chart topping singles. They have been in the top five for a 170 combined weeks.

This infographic not only includes sales statistics but video view statistics from YouTube. These video statistics surrounded by Halloween friendly spiders, eyeballs and zombies. Four of these videos top 100 million page views with “Bad Romance” topping 400 million.

In the spirit of Halloween, trick or treat your fellow little monsters by sharing this Lady Gaga Fame Monster infographic-

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