Friday, October 28th, 2011

The Gold Coast City Council has written to the owners of the Burleigh Beach House demanding the removal of 2 canvas ‘NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION’ signs.

The breast cancer signs were a result of a request of “Burleigh in Pink” in support of their fund raising activities in Burleigh and the signs support the National Breast Cancer Foundation ‘Pink Ribbon day’ this October in the fight against breast cancer.

Elisa El Safty (nee Jenyns), a director of the company that owns the Burleigh Beach House, is a strong advocate of breast cancer support, having worked in the industry for 12 years and is strongly in favour of promoting the fight against breast cancer.

She has developed a passionate belief that every person diagnosed with breast cancer in Australia, together with their family, should be able to benefit from the support services of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

The mother of Elisa El Safty, Pat Jenyns, a cancer survivor herself, who has worked in the area of breast cancer for many years and having run numerous programs ‘Looking Good after Breast Cancer’ both here in Australia and overseas, said today she was amazed at the Council’s apparent non support of The Burleigh Beach House’s agreement to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

“I was thrilled to see that the Burleigh Business Community were getting behind the Pink Ribbon Day this year and that the Burleigh Beach House were doing their part in helping to promote this cause. Breast Cancer will touch everyone’s life, whether it be a friend, family or workmate, and to fine a business for their support is to me beyond belief,” she said.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation encouraged organisations to get involved this October and support the one in nine Australians who will be diagnosed with breast cancer by the age of 85 and all Australians through raising funds for Cancer Foundation’s research, prevention and support services for breast cancers.

“It was extremely disappointing to receive the Gold Coast City Council letters demanding the removal of the National Breast Cancer Foundation Signs within 48 hours,” said Mrs El Safty.

Contact: Elisa El Safty
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