Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Diabetes is the world’s fastest growing chronic disease. It currently affects 246 million people worldwide and this number is expected to rise to 380 million by 2025. 275 people per day are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Australia and recent figures show that type 1 diabetes has doubled in incidence among children in Australia over the last 20 years.

Diabetes is the leading cause of acquired blindness; the most common single cause of kidney failure;and people with diabetes are 3 to 4 times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease (including heart attack and stroke) than those who do not have diabetes.

 Every 10 seconds a person dies globally from diabetes related causes. In addition to the physical impact, people with diabetes suffer twice the rates of depression and struggle with "diabetes distress", burn out and increased stress from managing a sometimes unmanagable disease. Diabetes Counselling Online is an Australian charity started in 2001 by a person living with type 1 diabetes.

This unique service offers free online counselling and support to people with diabetes across Australia and in 2011 is taking a focus on diabetes in the bush with their "Widening the Net, Men with Diabetes" and "Connecting Farming Families with Diabetes" programmes.

This World Diabetes Day, Ambassador Dr Rosemary Stanton, is inviting you to "Dine In For Diabetes". Dr Rosemary Stanton is one of Australia’s best known nutritionists. She is the author of many scientific papers and books on food and nutrition, as well as over 3,500 articles for newspapers and magazines.

Rosemary has been a familiar face on television, an ABC regular and as a presenter on Burkes Backyard for 10 years. She was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her services to community health. Rosemary wants us all to think more about our food - where it comes from, how to grow or prepare it, how it affects our health and how our choices impinge on climate change.

Above all, she wants us to enjoy our food, and where possible, to share that joy with others. Her latest book is The Choice Guide to Food - how to look after your health, your budget and the planet. "Dine In For Diabetes" launched this World Diabetes Day, is set to begin in February 2012 and run across the month.

‘Dine In For Diabetes’ encourages you to give up takeaway meals in the month of February 2012 and instead cook quick and healthier versions of your favourite fast foods at home, enjoying this with friends, saving your health and your pocket. You can find out more at the "Dine In For Diabetes" web page

Dine In, Don't Take Away, For Diabetes.

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Diabetes Counselling Online

Diabetes Counselling Online is a national charity offering free online counselling and support to people living with diabetes and their families across Australia. All counsellors have diabetes themselves and offer insight and advice around life with diabetes.
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