Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Next Director, the LinkedIn group for emerging, practicing and leading company directors, met with John Jarrett, former Director of Global Research for GMI, on his recent trip to Australia.

Jarrett’s trip was largely to promote the Diverse Director Datasource (3D) – a resource created by GMI to promote board diversity and provide board candidates with greater access to the nominating system.

Next Director took time to speak with John about the Diverse Direct Datasource, and the implications this could have on member service organisations with a board focus, such as AICD.

John spoke of how the tool is going to have an international effect:

“US colleagues were very keen to broaden the base outside of just US candidates, and I think in many markets this is a problem- that the candidate base tends to be local-only, largely. (3D will) create a pool of candidates which is broader than just the local markets, so that you have potential candidates from other markets, where that’s appropriate to your company, or as appropriate to the company investors that are interested in influencing and changing the mix of the board. And secondly, (it will) create opportunities for people who either are directors or want to be directors, not just in their local market, but in international opportunities as well."

While there will be an influx of candidates applying, there will also be a process involving reaching out to potential candidates, that may not otherwise apply.

“Part of the process is to reach out to all sorts of diverse networks and organisations, to encourage and find candidates to put themselves forward into the database. It’s not a database that’s based on advertising process, where you advertise for a candidate and a thousand applications come in. It’s very detailed and it’s designed to encourage candidates to put themselves forward so that if opportunities are available that they never hear of (which is in fact the case for most board positions- very few are advertised), they could be potentially a candidate on that basis.”

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