Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
Entrepreneur Brad Moran, driven by an innovative idea to eliminate store queues, raised over $1m investment for his NoQ food and beverage remote ordering app and after speaking with a number of design and development companies, approached Fusion to help turn his dream into a reality. He was looking for a partner with innovation, drive and a genuine belief in his idea. The result is a world class mobile commerce system ready to catapult NoQ onto the global stage.

The team at Fusion worked closely with Moran and the NoQ team to define and develop his epic concept, commencing with brand identity. NoQ’s visual assets were designed by Fusion to sit alongside existing social media brands like Facebook, and established payment methods such as VISA and Mastercard, as a serious and credible payment option.

The entire NoQ software eco-system was designed to remove any complexities for participating stores and customers. John Chaplin, Technical Director, Fusion: “We constructed NoQ with user- experience design at the heart of everything; from the simple and secure payment model, to the app and store console interface, right through to the overall business strategy. The system is intuitively uncomplicated and designed to put stores in the back pocket of millions of customers, literally overnight.”

Brad Moran: “Fusion were the first company I’d met that shared the same enthusiasm that I did. There’s not too many places you can go and say: right, I want to build our business, I want you to help design and brand our business - and then have some fun doing it. The thing that set Fusion apart was the ability to say yes, the ability to get something done that was almost impossible. They brought a lot to the table.”

The product of intensive technical exploration and finely tuned design, Adelaide’s very own Silicon Valley style innovation was forged through a great partnership of entrepreneur and innovator.

For more information about NoQ view the video, Fusion case study or download the free NoQ app.

The launch of NoQ also coincides with the release of Fusion’s Orange Paper on Mobile Payments. This report provides further background and insight into the future of the mobile wallet and what this means for you.


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