Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
Children's book apps remain among the highest selling apps for Ipad, but parents are looking for quality content for their little ones. Author D.K. Smith has made a strong connection with parents through the "Sock n Boots-Adventures" children's series for Ipad. "The goal of the series is to transform story time into an interactive bonding time between parents and children," says Smith.

Melanie Roberts, a mother of three and mom blogger is a big fan of the Sock n Boots series. "My kids were so engrossed in the stories while my husband read them”, Roberts continues, "The illustrations throughout the book are beautiful. They’re very clear and detailed and really help with talking about the story and the question asked at the beginning. We absolutely loved this book and would recommend it to any family."

According to the series creator, parent/child interactivity "is at the heart of the series and encourages children to express themselves to their parents and use their imagination to describe what they think and feel about the lessons and the pictures in the stories.”

Children color on the tablet as they would a traditional coloring book. However, with the Sock n Boots application, they learn while they enjoy themselves. Letters, Numbers and Colors are audibly pronounced and spelled out by a narrator as they appear on screen.

Children develop their communication skills. They learn to value their own opinions and express themselves in a safe environment and parents have the opportunity to share some interactive bonding time with their little ones.

The Family Literacy Foundation studies show that children who read learn more about the world around them, develop stronger individual interests, and exhibit more positive behaviors than children who have never been encouraged to read. The effects are enhanced when parents read to children.

Families actually enjoy the time they spend interacting with the “Sock n Boots” app so much that they want to color and learn together. With the “Write My Own Story” feature, parents and children have another way enjoy quality time while creating their own versions of the stories. They can save their own Sock and Boots Adventures story and record themselves reading together.

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