Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

An international group of online marketers banded together to successfully raise funds to send a stranded Australian woman home. Abra Riley and her husband were in the US to assist her hospitalized mother when Joseph experienced severe breathing problems .

Thought Joseph Riley had an history of lung cancer he never expected to be hospitalized on his US trip. Without US health insurance the Riley's savings was quickly exhausted. In Sacramento California, The TLC (Transition Living Center) of the Salvation Army provided temporary housing as the Rileys had exhausted their savings.

But it was not just one hospitalization, but two. During the second hospitalization, Riley died leaving his wife struggling to pay the funeral home expenses and return them both to Australia. Online marketers helped out by starting an online fund raising effort.

Why Did So Many Online Marketers Get Involved?

Joseph Riley's way of doing business inspired a lot of the online marketers. Riley focused on helping other people realize the dream of having their own  business . There was a unique twist to his business whereby a portion of the proceeds went to 

Joseph encouraged other business owners to share as well.  Riley established a Kiva team which has raised $15,900 in microloans..

According to online marketer Kaye Towne who is also a member of the Rileys’ Kiva team said: “Joseph…showed us something we didn’t know we had in ourselves. He showed us how to share. He taught us giving is important. He showed us by example.”

With this inspiration driving them, this group of traffic exchange marketers raised the funds to bring Sydney resident Abra Riley home with her husband's body for burial. Donations came from all over the world in amounts ranging from $1 to $100 as people rallied to help Those unable to donate assisted by promoting the fund raising by using social media such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs.

Justin and Marie Perrelet used their Tim Tech conference room time slot, Rob Gehring and James Holmes donated the use of their conference rooms for the initial kickoff of the fund raising effort on October 15th. Kym Robinson an Internet marketer from Perth set up the memorial fundraising website “In a time like this people need one point to rally around. I was able to get the website up quickly and make the blog available.”

James Holmes has initiated plans to continue the legacy and community unity by continuing to offer the SWAT Conference Room for networking, and training so more people can grow their business successfully. “It's using the teach a person to fish model continued. We will keep Joseph Riley's legacy alive with the community. Marketers can network, be trained and so more people can run their business successfully.”

Thanks to the help of this dedicated group of international volunteers, Abra Riley will return home to Sydney with her husband's remains on October 26th.

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