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It is said that a bright smile is best makeup accessory; flash your smile, and you are sure to look your best. It not only boosts your appearance, but makes the day of the person who receives it too. There could be numerous reasons which might prevent people from flashing their best smile. Increased fluoride content in the water, internal pigmentation of teeth, medications, the reasons that take away your flashing smile could be numerous. However, like the adage goes, every problem has a solution. And understanding what caused the problem surely helps. Some of the reasons leading to colored teeth are:

- Fluoride
- Caffeinated beverages
- Tobacco
- Age related
- Medication related.
- Poor oral hygiene
- Trauma related
- Genetic factors
- Food related

Flouride: Increased fluoride content in the water during the formative years of the tooth can lead to presence of spots, lines, or blotches on the tooth’s surface. This condition, known as fluorosis is area-specific, prevalent in areas where water has higher fluoride content, and is not seen everywhere. These stains are internal, with a structural difference in the tooth.

Caffeinated Beverages: Over a period of time, consuming tea, coffee, or alcoholic beverages like red wine tend to leave an orange or brown tint on the tooth.

Tobacco: Tobacco is one of the major causes of tooth staining. Whether smoked or chewed, tobacco in various forms can cause unpleasant staining, requiring regular visits to the dentist to avoid a colored smile.

Age Related: The whiteness of a tooth is due to the translucent nature of the outer layer, called the enamel. As a person ages, the enamel wears off, though very gradually, thereby getting the dentin closer to the outer surface of the tooth. Relatively less translucent, the dentin gives a more yellowish appearance to the tooth.

Medication Related: Some antibiotics like tetracycline and its related compounds, when taken during the tooth’s formative years, can cause yellow-brown staining on the teeth, which can be quite unesthetic.

Poor oral hygiene: Improper or inadequate brushing or flossing can cause plaque accumulation and tooth decay, leading to formation of white, gray, or sometimes brown stains on the tooth.

Trauma related: Hitting your teeth on a hard surface either due to an accident or a fall can cause nerve degeneration of the tooth and its eventual death, which may cause the tooth to be discolored. The degree of discoloration may increase over a period of time.

Genetic factors: Most people’s natural tooth color is guided by genetics; some races are known to have a shade darker teeth than the others.

Food related: Habitual chewing on some fruits, especially berries, over prolonged periods of time can cause tooth color to change, though very mildly.

Treatment Related: Use of metal fillings, placement of orthodontic braces can also lead to tooth staining which can be usually seen along the margins of the tooth filling or on teeth where braces have been placed.

Constant development in the field of dentistry to help people with stains, thereby helping them smile with no inhibitions, has led to the development of various methods to control and/or reduce the effects of staining. Of all the methods developed, tooth whitening systems have gained high popularity and public acceptance. With its ability to be used from home and the ease of use, the tooth whitening products have become extremely popular.

If you are bothered by a not-so-white-and-bright-smile, all you need is a visit to the dentist or purchase an in-home Teeth Whitening product. After an analysis of the reason for your discolored teeth, a customized treatment plan will be drawn up. Depending on the severity of your teeth discoloration, the duration and frequency of treatment and the agent used will vary. You will be required to visit the dentist periodically for monitoring, and once the desired results are achieved, its use can be discontinued with future use to be decided by the dentist on followup.

If you are not one of the DIY types, this procedure can be done at the dentist’s office also. There are a number of products available online also, but a Teeth Whitening System should not be used without the supervision of a dental surgeon and the instructions given by the dentist has to be adhered to strictly.

Once you are happy with the results, your teeth are whiter and you are all set to smile your way through in life.

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