Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
The world is becoming more specialised, and the same is true for the coffee industry in Australia. Many companies looking to hire new baristas, managers and roasters have been struggling to find the appropriate applicants for positions without spending too much on advertising.

Existing employment websites can charge over $200AUD just to advertise for staff. The solution is CoffeeJobs.com (http://www.coffeejobs.com).

With low costs and maximum exposure, CoffeeJobs.com is changing the way employment in the coffee industry in Australia operates. CoffeeJobs.com works in a similar manner to other popular employment websites, but it is more cost effective, easier to use and is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Australian coffee industry.

The 2011 Australian Barista Champion, Matt Perger said that, "CoffeeJobs.com is fast becoming one of the most valuable tools for the coffee industry in Australia. If you're looking for staff for your cafe - nothing beats its simplicity and effectiveness. "

Café owners post job listings on the site which are then live on the site for 30 days. Gone are the days of posting a print out on the window of your cafe, hoping that the right person for the job will walk past and see it: now, job hunters from all over Australia are able to see your listing and apply for a position.

CoffeeJobs.com is seeing significant growth and is quickly becoming a well-known brand and product within the Australian coffee industry.

The team behind CoffeeJobs.com has been in the coffee industry for several years now, with its founder also co-founding Beanhunter.com two years ago, and now enjoying remarkable success as an iPhone application.

If you would like any more information about this topic, of if you would like to contact the founders of CoffeeJobs.com, please contact the team at [email protected]

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CoffeeJobs.com allows cafes from all over Australian to easily find staff by listing their vacant jobs. Job hunters who are looking for casual, part or full time work cafes can easily find work and apply for these jobs through the site.
James Crawford
P: 0401 515 021
W: www.coffeejobs.com


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