Monday, October 24th, 2011
Selling yourself in the highly competitive tourism industry has just become a whole lot easier with the introduction of Doc.Tour.

The Doc.Tour (short for documentary tour) is the brainchild of innovative production company, MAD Australia Productions and follows on from its other initiatives, the eME and Video Newsfeeds.

MAD spokesperson and CEO Craig Douglas, said approaches by businesses he already had dealings with alerted him to the opportunity of giving tourism-related businesses the chance to promote themselves to tourists at a rate that would not only not break the bank, but struggle to even bend bank balances.

“Many businesses that were ideal tourist destinations sometimes had difficulty identifying this potentially huge untapped market. The first question that needed to be answered was who or what is a tourist?

“Well, a tourist is a casual visitor to any area. They may be visiting from the next suburb, another State or a faraway country but what it means to you is surprise business that could lead to – even more business surprises,” said Mr Douglas.

“The question for business is, are you doing anything to attract tourists and if you are, is it working to your satisfaction?

“And that’s where Doc.Tour comes in. Doc.Tour will not only tell your story, but then go on to put it in front of potential tourists everywhere whether they be next door or across oceans.”

Businesses that sell accommodation and/or meals are among the most obvious tourist targets, but any local experience is just as appealing to tourists as are places to stay and places to eat.

The primary advantage, according to Mr Douglas is the freedom Doc.Tour offers busy operators.

“We meet with you. We script your story and have it presented by a professional voice over artist. We then use all the resources of our Media Production House to develop a visual presentation that delivers exactly the right kind of message to your target market. We add the music and your logos and even upload it for you to Vimeo or YouTube.

“We have made the process of telling your story simple and affordable, but without your story being told, most tourists have no way of locating your business – and that is business you are missing out on.”

Visit to register your interest.

Caption: A snapshot of the Doc.Tour website.

Release prepared by MAD Australia Productions.

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