Thursday, October 20th, 2011
THERE’S always been a problem with iPhones – they run out of power too quickly. But now that problem’s been solved thanks to the hottest new gadget on the block, CasePower, a product that effectively doubles the power of your iPhone.

More apps and more functionality with iPhones can only mean one thing: your battery is going to run out a lot faster, and we all know what a headache that can be. Enter CasePower’s range of hot new products bringing more power to the people (quite literally) with technologically advanced chargers that double as slimline cases that look and feel good.

They’re better than others trying to achieve the same goal in the marketplace and less expensive. They also come in a variety of styles including the more slick-looking “A4i” in black or white, or the sturdier “Worker” that is ideal for tradies but good looking enough to take out on the town with you.

And that means no more "recharging blues" as CasePower takes care of business for all the old and new versions of iPhones. Yep, that’s right – even your old iPhone 3s gets a double boost of power!

Today we thrive on streamlining our lives, working less and playing more. We take time to utilize the very best tools available in communications and have enhanced our lives with those wonderful discoveries that come with new technology. Social, business and personal interactions have changed into many forms over the past five years, and we use mobile phone and tablet devices more than ever. And that usage is only going to increase. So the amount of juice in your iPhone or iPad is obviously going to be guzzled more and more.

Think about what we do with our iPhones and iPads. We listen to more music, we email more, we shop online, we play more games, we check the sports scores, we use more funky utilities and mobile business tools, we engage in all sorts of mad, rad and fad apps for smart phones and tablets. We’re being more productive while on a long train trip or cab ride, we turn to them to break the boredom of waiting in a queue, we’re reading magazines and books on them, we are constantly being entertained by them ... and then, of course, we make or receive hundreds of phone calls every month.

All the while we’re doing all that, our iPhones and iPads are sucking up battery power and we are forever facing “power fret” ... that horrible moment we realise “Oh no, I’m going to run out of battery soon!" You know how it feels and works. You think you’ll get through another 10 or 15 minutes, but you don’t. Or your gadget flatlines when you’re halfway through the weekend and you don’t have any where to charge it up. It’s a common problem that CasePower Oz has solved efficiently and with subtlety.

CasePower “A4i” unit is $89.95 while the “Worker” is $83.95. CasePower “A3” units for iPhone 3 are $75.95 and CasePower iPad 2 units will be available in 2012.

CasePower Oz presents a full range of real accessories with Apple's blessing at and selected stores.

For more information and review units phone Jack Wilde on 0435 583 145 or visit

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CasePower™ is an innovative brand for Apple Accessories providing added benefits to the iPhone, iPad, iPod user. CasePower™ is a line of products designed and developed in Stockholm/Sweden by Spiritualized International Inc. Our aim is to provide iPhone and iPad users with added benefits and more Power. We are MFI certified by Apple assuring quality, performance and compatibility with your original Apple device.
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