Thursday, October 20th, 2011
The principals of Evermore Money Management (a Melbourne-based dealer group) and Machel Advisory Services (a tax and corporate advisory practice) have teamed up to set-up Pennam Partners, a boutique investment house. The new venture was hatched after both firms have worked together on several funding projects and finding that their alliance was synergistically working.

“It made sense to us to bring the common business units of the two firms together to go to the market as one operating outfit. We are seeing a lot of opportunities in the investment sector both locally and offshore and where some are perceiving regulatory and financial impediments, we are forging ahead with our implementation plan in anticipation of legislature changes,” said Amirthan Arasaratnam, Managing Director of Pennam Partners.

Pennam Partners will operate independently from Evermore Money Management and Machel Advisory Services and will focus on building a boutique corporate advisory practice, being a corporate investment facilitator and setting up and managing niche investment funds. “We are committed to the managed funds space and are currently working on some projects that would have cross border ramifications,” added Yanese Chellapen, Director of Pennam Partners.
Pennam Partners has signed a heads of agreement to act as the investment manager for several asset portfolios of a soon to be established offshore fund. “Whilst this mandate is at preliminary stage, we are confident that this mandate will lead to other similar opportunities,” provided Amirthan Arasaratnam.

The short term focus for Pennam Partners is to finalise their current corporate investment mandates whilst exploring current offshore leads.

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Pennam Partners

Pennam Partners is an investment house which focuses on: (1) M&A, MBO, MBI, divestment assignments and (2) designing capital strategies for unlisted and listed plays and raising capital where necessary. In addition, Pennam Partners acts as a manager for domestic and offshore funds (including VC fund) and work on investment mandates on behalf of investors.
Pennam Partners
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