Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET Corp) (OTCQB: SETS) (PINKSHEETS: SETS) has shipped the first order for its high efficiency MultiGen combined cooling, heating and power, plus water generation systems (CCHP +H20) to a commercial facility in Australia for a retrofit construction project. Subject to a successful outcome for this first installation, coordinated by SET Corp's exclusive worldwide master distributor, World Environmental Solutions (WES), further orders are expected in 2012 from over a dozen currently quoted projects.

The environmentally friendly, MultiGen65(e) incorporates a15-ton chiller and water maker with a C65 Capstone micro-turbine that produces 15 tons of air conditioning, 65 kW of electricity and up to 2000 liters of water per day (depending on air temperature, humidity and altitude). These units can be fitted with a heat exchanger to provide 120 kW (408,000 BTU/hr) of heat available for water heating or absorption chilling.

"We are confident that the MultiGen is going to be a major success in Australia and other countries where we will be marketing it," said Wallie Ivison, the CEO of WES. "Many countries, including Australia, have had water shortages for decades and now the Australian government has instituted mandates regarding water conservation, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions. The MultiGen technology is an extremely 'green' solution, producing significant energy savings with a minimal carbon footprint. It can assist many businesses in meeting the new carbon tax about to be introduced in Australia."

MultiGen will enable commercial property owners to meet the Australian government's mandate that facilities must have a 4-star or better energy rating in order to qualify to lease to the government or attain premium rental rates.

Ivison further stated, "We believe MultiGen will become a recommended construction component for retrofitting and upgrading Australian buildings from a 3-Star rating to meet or exceed 4-Star energy efficiency ratings. The installation cost of a MultiGen, when compared to a major building overhaul to achieve the same star rating makes MultiGen the obvious and most economical choice.

MultiGen is a highly efficient, reliable, low-emission and commercially proven integrated solution that uses natural gas, biogas, diesel or other fuels to power a micro-turbine that in turn powers a chiller running SET Corp's patent-pending air conditioning/water-from-air generation unit. The MultiGen is able to achieve up to 95% overall efficiency by the onsite generation of water, air conditioning, electrical power, heating and cooling water In Australia, MultiGen can save as much as 400 tons of CO2 per year when compared to using grid-supplied electricity. This results in greater efficiencies with respect to water and energy use, significantly improves security of supply and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, all at less cost.

When operating on natural gas, MultiGen can reduce grid-supplied power requirements for the same functions by approximately 50% in Australia. It is ideally suited to locations where natural gas-produced electricity is cheaper than grid supplied, as well as disaster areas and remote areas without existing utility infrastructure.

Unlike typical co-gen and tri-gen systems, the MultiGen system has a much smaller equipment footprint, requires less maintenance, runs quieter and can be easily retrofitted to existing facilities or installed in new developments.

"Every day more countries are facing the challenge of efficiently providing clean water, and their energy needs are growing," Glaser stated. "We expect that MultiGen will be one of the solutions providing a lot of that needed water and energy."

"WES has been instrumental in perfecting the MultiGen and helping to define its market potential in Australia," said Bob Glaser, CEO of SET Corp. "The WES team's insight and its network of agents in multiple markets will be invaluable in attracting and qualifying potential customers in markets worldwide. Based on demand and the initial response that WES has received from potential customers, I have the utmost confidence that our collective efforts will be highly successful."

Upon a successful launch of the MultiGen in Australia, SET Corp intends to promote the MultiGen throughout the Americas, starting with the USA, in Q4 of 2012.

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SET Corp Ships 1st MultiGen Green Combined Cooling Heating Power Water Generation System Australia



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