Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
Aldi (92%) lead in customer satisfaction following two months of consistent gains, ahead of Coles (87.5%). Woolworths (84.5%) continue to trend down from their October 2010 high, but still narrowly ahead of IGA (84%), according to the latest Roy Morgan Supermarket Satisfaction Report.

Supermarket Customer Satisfaction

Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia): April 2006 - August 2011. Sample: Main grocery buyer. In the 6 Months to August’11 n=7,592.*Supermarket Customers refers to those Main Grocery Buyers who nominated that supermarket as the one where they do their main grocery shopping. From July ’09 IGA includes only IGA supermarket customers, whereas it previously included IGA, Festival and IGA Express.

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“This recent reversal in the overall satisfaction trend for Aldi can be attributed to the positive results in the Bread, Fruit and Veg, Dairy, General Merchandise and Packaged Goods categories, where Aldi have the highest satisfaction rating among the big four. The question is can Aldi continue to regain losses from the first half of the year results.

“Coles are once again teetering at their highest ever customer satisfaction levels in five years on the back of a strong month in the August result. Long term customer satisfaction scores for Coles, and lower levels for Woolworths, have now placed the supermarket three percentage points ahead of Woolworths, Coles holding higher levels of satisfaction than Woolworths for the categories Seafood and Packaged Groceries.

“IGA remains in last position, considerably lower than they were at the start of the year. The supermarket satisfaction report reveals during this period IGA has dropped in the Meat, Deli and Dairy categories, but most noticeable in the Packaged Groceries category, dropping nine percentage points from the start of the year.”

The detailed Roy Morgan Supermarket Satisfaction Report includes satisfaction with each of the supermarket department, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, meat, delicatessen, seafood, packaged goods and general merchandise.

Detailed Roy Morgan Supermarket Customer Profiles including Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA customers are also available and provide a broad understanding of the target group in terms of demographics, attitudes, activities and media usage.

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Roy Morgan Research is Australia’s best known and longest established market research and public opinion survey company. Roy Morgan Single Source is thorough, accurate, and provides comprehensive, directly applicable information about current and future customers. It is unique in that it directs all the questions to each individual from a base survey sample of around 55,000 interviews in Australia and 15,000 interviews in New Zealand annually - the largest Single Source databases in the world. The questions asked relate to lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption habits (including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema, catalogues, pay TV and the Internet), brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitations, service provider preferences, financial information and recreation and leisure activities. This lead product is supported by a nationally networked, consultancy-orientated market research capability.
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