Monday, October 17th, 2011
A new-feature rich website, designed to provide information, news and entertainment to mature-aged Australians has been launched on the Internet.

The site - - so named because “ cheese we all mature well with age....” - is designed to appeal to the 45+ demographic whose use of the internet is achieving double-digit growth.

The site, moderated by senior South Australian journalist and communicator, Russ Stiggants, is designed as a “one stop” site for mature Australians who are exploring the web but find it difficult to sort through the maze of sites generally designed for the majority of web surfers, the young.

Mr Stiggants said it was clear from speaking to mature Australians - cheddas, as he calls them - that many feel disenfranchised by the web experience.

“Many cheddas find it difficult or time-consuming to locate sites of specific interest to them in the veritable mountain of sites the web offers.

“Sites easily found are either morbidly boring government sites, medical sites that advise on what tube should be stuck up what orifice and when, or sell ‘end of useful life’ services like retirement villages or funeral services.

“We found in our research that cheddas want more. They have a lot of life in them and want information, news and entertainment to enrich their lives. That’s the purpose of

“That having been said, our website is not just for those of pensionable age.

“This is a site for everyone 45 years old and over; those younger cheddas who want ‘mature’ information and for whom their retirement years may be some time off, cheddas who are about to retire and those who have retired will all find stimulating content on,” Mr Stiggants said.

Under development for three months, is already richly populated with material which includes a ‘mature’ take on current political and news issues, to segments on the current world financial crisis, dining, wholesome and nutritional recipes, computers, ‘what to do on a Sunday arvo’, travel, cars, motorbikes and boats, gardening, fashion and consumer advice.

Visitors to the site will find it very easy to navigate and read, is also heavily ‘media’ rich and includes extensive photography and easily accessible audio and video.

“We also have a ‘jokes’ page for those of us who enjoy a good belly laugh - and importantly, Australia’s iconic cartoonist, Larry Pickering, has allowed us to place his latest pithy political cartoons on our site,” Mr Stiggants said.

Importantly, Mr Stiggants said, the site is ‘aspirational’ as well as ‘informational’.

“No matter what our age, we still have an aspirational mindset.

“We’d all like a flash car or boat or overseas trip. Some of us can now afford it - more so than our children - and where we can’t, we still like to look and dream.

“We also provide cheddas with information they might feel intimidated to get if they were to walk into a showroom or shop or other physical location.

“Here cheddas can ‘window-shop’ to get information for interest - or arm themselves with information to make considered judgements in a friendly ‘no threat’ kind of way.

“No matter where you are along that curve, provides that experience.”

As a result, Mr Stiggants said, is essentially an internet magazine.

“We hope cheddas will ‘pull it on like a comfortable shoe’ and visit often to be informed and entertained,” he said.

“Importantly, is not a static site.

“We are updating existing topics daily or weekly and we will be adding new topics along the way.

“As well, as time goes on, we will be including news, information and entertainment from all Australian States.”

The site will include ‘modest’ advertising, particularly at a price point which will attract businesses and organisations wanting to attract the mature market but who may currently find traditional media advertising too expensive.

“For many small businesses, the cost of targeted advertising is just too prohibitive; provides them with a low cost means of getting directly to mature Australians who have the capacity to spend,” Mr Stiggants said. is also ‘mobile friendly’ (dynamically configured for display on smartphones, IPhones, IPads and tablets), and works across Windows, Apple and Android platforms. A blog is also available for visitors to provide feedback.