Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Melbourne based company, e-log Systems™ Pty Ltd has released a new, patented  iPhone app aimed at combating a sharp increase in falsifying, misleading and incorrect entries currently being recorded by learner drivers into their paper log books.

In doing so, e-log Systems™ Pty Ltd is ensuring that learner drivers, Australia-wide are properly completing all required practice hours and are better equipped to tackle our roads when they receive their “P-Plates”.

The new iPhone app  “Learner Driver Recorder” (LDR™), is available now on the iTunes App Store. 

Learner drivers in all Australian states are required by law to input entries into a paper log book before and after completing every driving session, until they reach their required practice hours.

Many agree that the manual method of log book entry is both tedious, time consuming and often confusing to calculate.

By downloading and using LDR™, learner drivers will have the most beneficial and advanced tool on the market to ensure accurate tracking and recording of every driving session, no matter how long or short.

LDR™ will improve the efficiency, accuracy and recording of time driven, and ultimately the driving ability of the Learner Driver.

Road authorities in Australia have over the years expressed concerns about legitimacy and accuracy of hours logged through a manual log book. Many studies and reports support these concerns.

LDR™ has been designed and developed to remove such concerns. 

Although the LDR™ app is not currently endorsed by road traffic authorities, e-log Systems™ Pty Ltd, will be encouraging relevant authorities around Australia to accept LDR™ as an alternative means of logging and recording learner drivers' hours.  

In the meantime e-log Systems™ Pty Ltd is advocating the use of LDR™ as an insurance policy, ensuring learner drivers' data is protected and backed up in the event of losing or misplacing their log book.

What makes LDR™ unique enough to obtain a Certified Innovation Patent?  

On completion of each driving session, LDR™ requires the logged information to be validated and authorised before it can be submitted. This literally means the supervisor must sign off on the iPhone screen with his/her finger so that it can be recorded as a legitimate driving session for the Learner Driver.

Once "submitted", all driving sessions are uploaded via the LDR™ app to a secure website, backed up daily, and available for viewing online through the LDR™ website at (http://www.ldr.com.au)

Learner Drivers can see via a Google Map overlay exactly where they have driven, how far and at what dates/times leaving little doubt in any roads officers’ mind as to the accuracy of data.

Detailed driving session printouts are also available in accordance with each state's requirements.

But more importantly it will make recording of all log book requirements easy and fun by using a method that our youth understand. Technology !

Initially to be released in Australia then worldwide, LDR™ is set to change and improve the way learner drivers approach their required driving hours.

With more than 600,000 new learner drivers annually in Australia, e-log Systems Pty Ltd is keen to ensure that as many as possible complete their required hours accurately and properly, and in doing so, would see a reduction in fatalities and injuries in the 18-25 year old demographic which are in the highest risk category.

An Android version of the LDR™ App is due for release in coming months.

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George Sabljak
Director - Communications & Public Relations
E-LOG Systems Pty Ltd
E: [email protected]
M: 0408 199 679


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E-Log Systems Pty Ltd

E-Log Systems is an Australian owned company (ACN: 149 386 229), founded in 2011. Conceptually our ideas started in 2010, when for the first time our CEO was exposed to the out-dated, laborious manual learner log-book system imposed on his 16 year old daughter.

Whilst searching for a simpler and better way to log and authorise driving hours came the idea to create a "Recording, Tracking and Evaluating Apparatus and Method" which resulted in the granting of a Certified Australian Innovation Patent (No. 2011100185).

From this patent E-Log Systems have created the very first product, LDR™, a Learner Driver Recorder designed to enable Learner Permit holders in every Australian state/territory have all their driving time accurately, efficiently and simply, logged AND authorised with a digital signature.
George Sabljak
P: 0408 199 679
W: www.ldr.com.au


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