Friday, October 14th, 2011
The Bordescros Armoured Combat Preparation Course aims to introduce the basic principles and techniques of tournament combat, construction of swords and shields along with some of the etiquette and culture of SCA tournaments.

Few activities can match the colour, romance, and excitement of the medieval tournament of chivalry. Knights, Squires, and Lords, compete with one another in their displays of prowess and honour; their skills and their character. Ladies escort their Lords to the field, watchful of their performance as the combatant fights for the honour of their consort. Some Ladies fights as well, displaying their own chivalric conduct. In addition to the entertainment, spectators can observe the combatant and challenger in a milieu where character is brought to the surface and the honest expressions of courtesy and valour can be plainly seen.

The courses run over eight weeks, in two streams. Stream one has weekly one hour classes commencing at 7:00pm on Monday 24th October at 477 Kaitlers Road Lavington. Stream two has two hour classes held 23rd October and then 6th & 20th November at Hovell Tree Park, cnr Wodonga place and Hume Street Albury NSW. This coincides with the Albury City Council community Wood fired Oven. Cost is SCA Membership, which is $25 per annum. Contact Bart Beswick - (02) 6059 8102 [email protected]

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SCA Bordescros

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to the study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. There are 50,000 participants worldwide who recreate many different aspects of these eras, including fighting, fencing, archery, and numerous arts and handcrafts.

SCA Bordescros is the sub group that covers the area from Wagga Wagga, NSW to south of Wodonga, Victoria.
Bart Beswick
P: (02) 6059 8102
M: 0407962774


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