Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
Have you ever been locked out of your house and had no idea who to call first? Ever experienced a plumbing emergency, requiring immediate attention but haven’t the time to source a reliable contractor that will turn up on time? Even if you’ve been lucky and this hasn’t happened to you yet – as our homes get older the likelihood that it will increases.

HomeSource Ltd is an innovative, first-to-market Australian company, providing 8 million homeowners and 1 million small businesses with annual, membership-based home assistance and advisory services.

Its key product, Home Assist, provides nationwide emergency home assistance (plumbers, electricians etc) - similar to a roadside assistance service.

HomeSource Access enables members to gain access to phone-based legal and business advisory services and recommendations for pre-vetted, licensed trades people.

Subsidiary offers “compliance management made easy”. Assisting head contractors with compliance obligations, is an effective online solution, saving time and reducing lengthy paperwork.

HomeSource Managing Director, Pia Vogel likens the Home Assist service to the home emergency cover that is now used by an estimated 30% of homes in the UK. “There are many similarities within the UK and Australian markets, yet a huge gap remains here in available emergency and advisory services for home owners. HomeSource meets such needs to provide a trustworthy, reliable, on-call service offering.”

“Our growing list of clients - including banks, insurance companies, real estate agents - are testament to the growing need for a ‘one stop homeowner shop’.”

HomeSource products are delivered directly or via channel partners as an adjunct product for their customers. Widespread distribution is currently in negotiation through key financial service providers, reward programs, insurance and utility providers.

International distribution is imminent with agreements already signed for both North America and the Middle East.

HomeSource has developed a strong business model, utilising scalable technology and systems. Having already invested $1million in developing its business since November 2005, HomeSource Ltd is now strategically positioned to become the leading provider of emergency home services in Australia.

The complete HomeSource product range is fully developed and poised for high growth. Through a highly experienced executive and board of directors, HomeSource will now continue to finalise channel partners and drive the product out to market.

HomeSource has completed the 2009, Stepping Up Advanced Capital Raising program - a NSW government initiative to develop small business owners through mentoring and capital raising assistance.

“Through the Stepping Up program we have been able to fast track the growth of HomeSource and address our expansion plans in short-term timeframe,” says Pia Vogel.

HomeSource has already completed its first capital raising round of $250,000 since opening in June. For more information on HomeSource, please visit

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At HomeSource, we operate independently and solely for the benefit our members.

Our sole aim is to provide members with a simple, accessible resource to give them the confidence to make informed decisions they might otherwise leave to word-of-mouth or guesswork.

HomeSource is an independent information and advisory service on all aspects of home ownership, maintenance and repairs, including access to person-to-person legal advice on homeowner rights and disputes.

We offer a network of independent and fully certified tradespeople to quote on jobs of any size and has building advisers on call to offer advice on how to tackle DIY projects.
Brianna Power
P: 07 5520 7615
M: 0403 904 912

Alchemy Innovation

Alchemy provides advisory services to companies and entrepreneurs seeking to evaluate, develop and commercialize products, services and technologies. This can be achieved through equity raising, licensing, mentoring and a range of other specialist services.
Kate Ingham
P: +61 2 8233 6170
M: +61 414 321641


HomeSource Ltd is an innovative, first-to-market Australian company, providing 8 million homeowners and 1 million small businesses with annual, membership-based home assistance and advisory services. HomeSource has already completed its first capital rais


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