Thursday, October 13th, 2011
New Group Consulting Approach Renders Traditional Seminars Obsolete

On the 6th of October, Business Planning HQ facilitated the creation of 40 page strategic business plans for 76 different SME’s, in an event that is believed to be a world first. The event resulted in over 3040 pages of content, 19.4 million words and numerous “Ah Ha” moments. The one day session was provided to Platinum Members of the Business Blueprint Programme.

The approached used is not only fast, but highly effective in structuring thinking, facilitating creativity, and creating an actionable plan for the future. The approach relies on a new technology known as HyperQuestions, a series of questions that emulate the traditional consulting process, however enable rapid document creation.

“By providing a structured process and compressing the time frame in which a business plan is prepared, we are able to over-come the procrastination that usually accompanies the creation of a business plan.” Says Marcus Tarrant, Founder of Business Planning HQ. Some of the attendees claimed that they made more progress in their plan in these 6 hours than they had in the past 18 years.

In the session, attendees were provided with their individual copy of the Business Planning HQ Toolkit. Each attendee received their personal file on a USB stick at the beginning of the event. Following an introduction by the event organiser (Dale Beaumont of Business Blueprint), Marcus facilitated the 76 SME’s through a structured 10 step process using Hyperquestions. Each step was briefly explained and then the attendees got down to work. The Hyperquestions tailored to their business as they progressed, helping them zero in on their individual strategic business issues. By lunch time, the attendees were done and it was over to Business Planning HQ to create their documents from the 76 toolkits using proprietary software.

The approach broke established stereotypes about business planning, as Anna Cahill of Fashion Preview commented, “I was a bit sceptical about being able to complete a useful business plan in one session – having put off doing one for years. The process was straight forward and not at all daunting, and had me thinking about the business in a totally new light. Excellent! Would definitely recommend this to anyone that just wants to get it done!.”

Attendees were from across Australia and New Zealand representing online, services and manufacturing companies in all stages of development. Some were start-ups, but the majority were established SME’s from a very wide variety of industry sectors.

Tarrant Says, “This approach enables an entirely new consulting model, by combining a group workshop format with technology.” The business planning HQ toolkit took 8 months of development and 20 years of experience in business planning to develop. The fact that Tarrant received a standing ovation at the end of the session indicates the level of frustration many SME Owners experience with the creation of a structured business plan.


So what did the attendees think about the virtual consulting approach utilised in the one day business planning event?

The Business Planning HQ Toolkit process was an extremely efficient process to a achieve a useful and meaningful business plan. Not only was it a well structured sequence of steps, but it allowed for a high degree of creativity that flowed naturally. The result: in less than 8 hours, I was able to produce a comprehensive and practical business plan that would normally take months of hard work. The creative process brought many new insights as to how to build the profitability and sustainability of my business.

James Burgin, Brandwithin - Sydney Australia

Simple and easy to use. It produces a very impressive document from the information collated. This document would have taken us months to generate. We did it all before lunch!! Amazing! We now have a business plan that is professional, gives us direction and focus. It has enabled us to understand our business position better. I would definitely recommend this approach, it makes a daunting task easy!

Adrian Kat and Vicky Ho, Advanced Dental Artistry – Perth Australia

Awesome kit, easy to use and comprehensive, nicely detailed. Great looking output, satisfying process. Clarified my ideas, illuminated swot and market niche and made me face financials ? . I would recommend it because you don only the important tasks you really need to do, your energy is directed to the right place! Forces you to think about your business.
Julia Watson – Auckland, New Zealand

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Business Planning HQ

Business Planning HQ is a Melbourne Based company specialising in the rapid delivery of investor quality business planning documents. We have developed a unique approach to business planning that uses a combination of process an questions (known as HyperQuestions) to reduce the time taken to produce investor quality documentation from weeks or months to just on day.

Marcus Tarrant, founder of Business Planning HQ has over 20 years of experience in business planning. He holds a Bachelor of Economics (Monash Univ. Melb, Aust) and a Masters In Entrepreneurship (Swinburne Univ. Melb. Aust.)

Over the past 20 years he has worked for some of the worlds largest consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Lloyd Morgan Consulting.
He has assisted some of the world's leading venture capital firms in assessing and structuring deals include 3i Plc, Innovation Capital, UniSeed, Melbourne Ventures, Stoneridge Ventures and Offspring Ventures.

Marcus has seen what works and what doesn't in business planning and capital raising. He wanted to offer a service that early stage high potential business could afford.

Business Planning HQ was born to enable high potential ventures to leverage the benefit of this 20 years of experience. Marcus was a lead presenter at the 2010 Australian Innovation Festival.
Marcus Tarrant
P: 03 9005 9710
M: 0404029835


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