Thursday, October 13th, 2011
FAMILY FIRST MLC Robert Brokenshire has today announced a reform package to be introduced in the coming sitting weeks to create a Senior Citizens Act, an Australian first based on similar legislation in the United States.

“Family First have more and more senior constituents calling in struggling with cost of living and feeling isolated and not respected by this Government”, Mr Brokenshire said, “In response we feel that we need to legislate permanently the rights that senior citizens should have in our community. You can judge a society by how it treats its senior citizens and the best indicator of that attitude is in its statute books”

The Senior Citizens Act will contain sweeping reforms including:
  • Require mandatory notification of abuse of senior citizens in aged care;
  • Requiring people who work in aged care to submit to police checks regularly;
  • Abolishing the Minister for Ageing and creating a Minister for Senior Citizens;
  • Requiring the Essential Services Commission to consult with a new Senior Citizens Advisory Council every time a power, water or other utility wants to increase utility prices to ensure consideration of impact upon senior citizens (eg pensioners, self funded retirees);
  • Mandating job opportunity creation opportunities for senior citizens who want to continue working;
  • Granting legal aid to senior citizens in certain cases and empowering the Government to make ex gratia payments to senior citizens struggling with cost of living

“Our senior citizens are too important and need respect in our community so they have safety nets on cost of living and service provision, and are given the best possible and safe aged care in the late stages of their lives.”

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