Thursday, October 13th, 2011
Objective Corporation (ASX: OCL), an established leader and specialist provider of proven content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector, today announced Objective Connect. Leveraging Objective's proven cloud platform, Objective Connect is a suite of new applications that enables secure, accountable and auditable information-sharing and process management across public sector agencies.

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation, said: “Objective Connect sees us address a long term challenge for modern government: to deliver the benefits of information sharing and process governance across agency boundaries, where currently, at best, it is only available within individual agencies.”

The need for sharing information between agencies has become critical to public servants, leading to an explosion in the use of emails, thumb drives, DVDs and to some extent generic online file sharing tools. The discovery of "lost" public sector information in the public domain, or worse on public transport, is almost no longer newsworthy.

“The culture of government has evolved in response to initiatives to share information. Government is also responding to directives that demand greater transparency of processes and accountability. Objective Connect delivers secure inter-agency information sharing and process management and is at the core of our vision for a smarter government,” Walls continued.

“Our technology strategy with Objective Connect is simple. We are delivering lightweight but highly secure, cloud facilitated integration between the managed content stores of any government agency rather than promoting an impossible whole-of-government approach.

“Objective Connect complements and builds upon Objective’s existing family of cloud-based products, Objective uEngage and Objective uCreate, used by more than 250 public sector organisations around the globe,” Walls said.

Connecting Government
Objective Connect currently addresses four common challenges faced by modern government when interacting with other departments, agencies, external contractors or the public:

. Objective SecureShare:  Secure sharing of nominated documents and information between agencies or between agencies and external parties.
. Objective ProcessShare: Traceable and accountable inter-agency work process control, management and reporting.
. Objective SecureSearch: Secure access for external agencies to discover privileged information held within the host agency’s information management system.
. Objective PublicSearch: Public access to public sector held information in adherence to jurisdictionally specific Right to Information and Freedom of Information legislation.

Objective SecureShare

SecureShare allows individuals to share specific information across agency boundaries in a simple, secure and auditable manner, by connecting on-premise content information systems, from different vendors, across multiple government and non government organisations.

For example, a Defence organisation needs to share personnel files of retired veterans with a department of Veterans Affairs. Specific records for an individual would simply be marked as sharable with another specific organisation. The information is now available to both departments, but with all the control, compliance, accountability and traceability required of the public sector.

Objective ProcessShare

ProcessShare allows public servants to create work processes that span multiple agencies. It also provides authorised managers complete transparency of the multi-agency end-to-end process and the task handover between agencies is seamless, auditable and efficient.

For example, the renewal and approval of a mining and petroleum tenure grant requires the approval of multiple state government departments. ProcessShare allows the lead agency to determine the process, allocate tasks and manage the process, leading to greater efficiency while still maintaining the strict environmental and land use approval processes.

Objective SecureSearch

SecureSearch enables a trusted agency or external party to search secured information that is held in the content management systems of an organisation.

For example, when a new government agency is formed, often public servants require information from multiple agencies to fulfil information requests. SecureSearch allows them to search for information across multiple content systems based on their security credentials.

Objective PublicSearch

PublicSearch enables the public sector to meet the requirements of legislative changes from Freedom of Information to Right to Information where an agency is strongly encouraged to pro-actively publish the unclassified information it holds.

PublicSearch provides a single, cross-agency information view that enables search access to the information that government organisations deem “publicly available” in their existing on-premise content management systems.

Government can effectively deliver self-service search to publicly released information residing in the repositories of multiple government organisations.

Objective Connect will initially provide for connections between Objective ECM, HP TRIM, MS Sharepoint, OS File Systems.


Objective Corporation

Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) is an established leader and specialist provider of content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector. Its solutions empower public sector effectiveness, efficiency and transparency, helping governments deliver better public sector outcomes at a lower cost to the community.

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