Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
The secret is out. Many smart and savvy Australian investors are focusing on Florida property in the USA as a hot spot to find properties at bargain basement prices while the time is right.

Why Florida? Florida ranks fourth for population increases and seventh for employment growth rate. Jacksonville, Florida ranked as the 3rd lowest tax burden in the USA for a family of three earning $50,000 – with no income tax! Add in the great weather, the magnificent beaches, non-stop night life, and all the theme parks and who wouldn’t want to live there?

Why now? Housing prices in Florida have hit their lowest average in 33 years, which means there are plenty of great deals. But the tides may be turning. Florida real estate agents report that housing prices have started creeping up and they only have about six months stock now, compared to two years stock held in the last few years.

While the US housing market presents the opportunity of a lifetime, it’s a big step and one that should not be taken lightly. With all the different opinions out there, it’s important to research the facts and see if expanding your real estate portfolio internationally is right for you.

That’s why Property Women is offering a second USA tour 7-11 November 2011 for men and women who want to discover firsthand why many investors believe America is the best place to invest right now. Experts will guide you through the amazing opportunities so you can see what your dollar can buy in the US, what holds locals back from buying these properties, and strategies the experts are using to invest in the current market.

Property Women’s Rachel Barnes and her partner, John Fowler, built a property portfolio of 74 rental properties in less than seven years and will be looking for their 6th USA property bargain in Florida. They, along with other US property experts, will lead this specially designed real estate training tour of America’s Sunshine State.

“Buying at the bottom of the market with good cash flow is a great opportunity for those with negatively geared properties to give them cash flow balance and geographic diversification,” Barnes says. “We recently chatted with an investor from Florida who found just the right deal for her; a duplex costing $70,000 all up, which is grossing $1600 per month rent. That a 27% gross yield and the property gives her over $900 per month net cash flow!”

The tour is a rare and unique opportunity to visit four hotspots in Florida with experts and like-minded investors by your side. You will be able to examine options to finance properties in the US and have some great fun along the way. Property Women prides itself on being an independent education provider and does not receive commissions from real estate brokers, property managers, short sale negotiators, or any other property professionals. Participants can have full confidence there are no hidden agendas or pressure to purchase property. For more information about the tour, visit their website

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Property Women

Property Women is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women by giving them the tools and networks to create pathways to success in any property market. There are many ways women can choose to participate in this process by learning through Property Women; through face-to-face workshops and seminars; a year-long ‘Brilliant Diamonds’ course; series of self-study CD packs; overseas education trips to different countries; or simply the streams of regular free tips that are emailed to a network of more than 18,000 women across Australia and New Zealand.

Property Women encourages women to have a clear goal about why they are investing and to develop their own unique strategy that serves their desired outcomes in both life and finance. Women are connected with experts in finance, tax, law, renovations, property development, and property improvements and also with like-minded women who share their own personal stories of investing success and what they’ve learnt along the way. The team at Property Women believes if you’re not having fun along the way then there’s no point doing it – and this philosophy is infused into everything they do.

Bio for co-founder Rachel Barnes:
Rachel Barnes built a property portfolio of 74 rental properties in less than seven years, but she hasn’t always had a taste for bricks and mortar. Rachel grew up in southeast England in a caravan that her parents lived in throughout their lives. When Rachel began buying properties she realised it was not only profitable, but also lots of fun. Over seven years ago she had enough positive cash flow property to quit her job and decided to help launch Property Women so she could inspire other women with her ideas and passion for successful property investing. Rachel’s partner, John Fowler, thinks she’s a workaholic, but she prefers to call herself a “fun-o-holic.”

Bio for co-founder Judith Taylor:
In just four years, Judith Taylor has turned her finances, home, and life around through what she’s learnt about renovations and property investing and she is passionate about sharing these ideas, tips, and knowledge with others. Through renovations, Judith has transformed her how “derelict house” into her dream home and has a portfolio of seven rental properties that have all been recreated under her clever touch.
Rachel Barnes
P: 0415 175 210


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