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A number of New Zealand District Health Boards have regionally shared or stand-alone Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR) systems which contain current and historical clinical information for the patients within their region. Eclair connects the data in disparate IT systems across health service providers to create an electronic patient health record. The TestSafe solutions in Auckland and Canterbury are model examples of the shared Eclair system.

For patients and their doctors in Auckland and Canterbury, TestSafe means faster, safer treatment. “ Through TestSafe, hospital and community doctors can look up a patient’s record”, says Dr Ross Boswell, Clinical Director at Counties Manukau DHB. “Our doctors can immediately see all investigations relating to that patient: community and hospital laboratory tests, radiology reports and more, no matter where in the Auckland region those procedures were carried out”.

“TestSafe means patients don’t have to be tested twice for a diagnosis, and it also means they’re treated more quickly, on the basis of reliable, full information.”

Auckland’s TestSafe also includes pharmacy dispensing information. This means that for any patient attending a health professional for medical care, a list of medications that person has been dispensed is available. “Clinical teams at Auckland hospitals kept asking for this piece of added information,” says Dr Boswell. “The system has also been made available to pharmacists and authorised healthcare professionals in the community. It allows them to cross reference medications and treatment, check related lab results and if needed, phone the prescriber.”

Eclair systems are also installed at Whanganui, Taranaki, Bay of Plenty and Manawatu DHBs.

When a patient moves or is referred outside their DHB, ideally the clinical information in Eclair should move with the patient in order to provide a full patient history to the referral centre. This process needs to be seamless, instantaneous and reliable.

Sysmex, developers of the Eclair CDR, are building a CDR ‘federation’ link to enable exactly this. Separate Eclair CDR systems that are held in different parts of the country will be able to link together securely, enabling healthcare providers to view patient information seamlessly regardless of location. Linked Eclair CDRs across New Zealand will provide the backbone of a true national patient health record.

This development aligns with the National Health IT plan to support a federated CDR approach and is intended to complement the emerging interoperability architecture being put forward by the Health Sector Architects.
Separate Eclair CDR systems will be securely linked together so that healthcare providers can seamlessly view information on a patient that has been admitted or transferred to their healthcare organisation from another region. This provides the clinician with the patient history and an up-to-date record of all available information at the point-of-care, enhancing the delivery of patient care.

Linking Eclair CDRs across New Zealand provides the backbone for the establishment of a true national patient health record.

Valid healthcare professionals that have been authorised on their local Eclair CDR can seamlessly view information on their patient regardless of the location of the Eclair CDR that is being queried.

There are a number of security features in the system which assures patients that their private and confidential health information will only be viewed by authorised clinicians. “In addition to the core security features of Eclair, It is possible to monitor what records have been viewed and who viewed them,” says Mr James Webster CEO at Sysmex. “This adds confidence in the integrity of system use.”

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Sysmex New Zealand is a market leader in the development and implementation of health IT products and services for clinical laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organisations.

Sysmex's long-standing yet dynamic culture of innovation, coupled with a strong global distribution network, ensures advanced technical expertise in health IT and sustained growth.

IT solutions include Eclair and the Delphic LIS delivering benefits to laboratories, hospitals and healthcare providers, including improved patient clinical services and efficiency advances leading to cost savings, and ultimately translating to the delivery of better patient care.

This software has been developed and supported in New Zealand over the last two decades since the inception of Delphic Medical Systems which later became part of Sysmex Corporation of Japan in 2000.

In the core field of haematology, Sysmex is the global market leader occupying the number-one share of the worldwide market. Sysmex is also the number-one supplier of coagulation instrumentation worldwide.

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