Monday, October 10th, 2011
AMCRC’s Innovation Training Expects to Propel Australian Manufacturing Firms to the Head of the Pack Globally – Innovativity Creating Positive Waves Among Australia’s Manufacturing Representatives

Australian Manufacturer Reps Embrace Innovativity’s Training Program

There’s no question that Australia’s manufacturing segment could use a push in the right direction when it comes to competing on a global scale, and AMCRC’s Innovation Management Training couldn’t have come at a better time. While Australian companies are ahead of the globe when it comes to pure and applied research, they still fall behind in terms of commercialised technological output.

“Innovativity is unlike other innovation training in that it focuses on the full spectrum of innovation management and on your execution effectiveness to ensure you achieve measurable commercial outcomes,” explained AMCRC Managing Director, Bruce Grey. Innovativity’s hands-on training program was developed to assist manufacturing start-ups as well large organisations in effectively managing the innovation process to achieve growth and commercial success. The Innovativity program, which sees its next scheduled training session commence this October, is expected to attract manufacturing representatives from all over the country.

Innovativity’s last program, held in June, enjoyed a 100% positive feedback rate. “The course provided a valuable introduction to essential tools and skill sets required for maximising innovation successes within business,” proclaimed Dr John Sanderson of Earth Systems. “[The program was] very useful and well structured.” Sanderson concluded.

What Participants Can Expect from Innovation Management Training

Companies that participate in Innovativity’s training program can expect to gain a competitive advantage in their respective markets; this advantage will allow them to increase productivity, performance, and ultimately, profits. Upon completion of the course, participants are will also gain:

  • A sound understanding of innovation best practices
  • Methods which can be applied immediately to an organisation
  • Skills which empower participants to manage the innovation activities within any manufacturing business
  • Ability to measure, react, and enhance the success of any innovation strategy

Innovativity’s Training Program expands its teachings beyond just the core idea development stage; they teach the commercialisation of IP as it pertains to company progression and sustainment. Innovativity helps companies bring ideas to market by teaching the mechanics of developing, assessing ideas, legally protecting them, funding, prototyping, and market testing and licensing-the complete spectrum of commercialisation.

Innovativity is holding future Innovative Management Training courses in the upcoming months. The next scheduled course, running October 4th, 11th, 20th, and 25th, will be held in Melbourne. Further programs are also scheduled for the month of November in Brisbane, and February 2012 in Sydney. Media coverage is expected to be present for all upcoming programs.

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Innovativity, conceived by the Advanced Manufacturing Co-Operative Research Centre (AMCRC), provides training as it relates to innovation management while focusing on key solutions to promote and sustain innovation. Innovativity also equips employees with proven skills, tools, and resources required to develop, protect, and commercialise new technology.
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Advanced Manufacturing CRC

The Advanced Manufacturing CRC is part of the Cooperative Research Centres Program where, with funding from the Australian Government, researchers and industries are brought together to develop lasting innovative solutions. With an emphasis on delivering economic, environmental and social benefits, the CRC program combines leading research capabilities with invaluable industry knowledge and intellectual property.
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