Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
A PICTURE paints a thousand words – and a mural at the Cockburn Youth Centre has highlighted how students have been helped by the GATE program, teaching them to work as a team.

Certificate 1 in Gaining Access to Training and Employment (GATE) is an alternative Year 10-equivalency program helping students gain admission to TAFE, incorporating units in literacy, numeracy, technology, career guidance and life skills.

It can also include project work, such as art or music, and led to the creation of the Cockburn Youth Centre mural, led by Challenge TAFE art/youth lecturer Emma Margetts.

Various students involved in the project, including Mike Holt, Bronson Swann, Patrick Connor, Kaleb Clarken, Beth Mitchell and Alex Lennon, described their mural as a celebration of youth identity and statement of independence and personality.

“It was about young people coming together to make some decent art work, getting to know other young people and practice painting,” they said, in a joint statement.

“(The mural) identifies who we are as a group and seeks to create self-respect within ourselves through the pride to create art without worrying about judgment from the wider community.

“It also showcases what is important to young people and how styles and tastes in art are changing.”

The team of students hoped the mural would inspire others in the community to create spaces for young people to express themselves legally, in a supportive environment.

City of Cockburn Mayor Logan K Howlett said the GATE program aimed to bridge students back into mainstream education, training and employment when they were not succeeding in a normal school environment.

“When students graduate from GATE they are eligible to apply for a huge range of other programs, such as pre-apprenticeship courses in construction and automotive, business and hospitality,” he said.

“The GATE program is a positive for the community, helping to open up apprenticeships, traineeships, employment and career options that otherwise would not have been possible.”

mural1.jpeg: Bianca Bech, Madison Campbell, Patrick Connor, Challenge TAFE art/youth lecturer Emma Margetts, Kaleb Clarken, Beth Mitchell, Bronson Swann and Mike Holt in front of the Cockburn Youth Centre mural.

mural2.jpeg: Celebrating the completed Cockburn Youth Centre mural... Mike Holt, Kaleb Clarken, Challenge TAFE art/youth lecturer Emma Margetts, Patrick Connor, Madison Campbell, Bianca Bech, Beth Mitchell and Bronson Swann.

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Youth art work helps teens work as team


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