Sunday, October 9th, 2011
Brisbane, Australia - Being an innovative insight-driven marketing service, FDBKme helps business owners and managers keep a finger on the pulse that is customer sentiments

trendis, an emerging name in the mobile phone application industry, has recently announced the launch of their new and innovative service that makes it easier for people to launch mobile surveys.

The service, FDBKme, is a web-based service that allows people to create a survey in less than 5 minutes and make it available to anyone who can access it via their smartphone's web browser.

A spokesperson for FDBKme had this to say, “This will be really exciting for people who need to get insights from others while the experience is fresh in their minds. Imagine being in a retail store and being able to provide feedback on your experience straight away, or in an event, or after you receive your delivery.”

FDBKme's mobile survey tool takes advantage of the rise of the mobile web - smartphone penetration is rapidly on the rise. People find it much easier to perform all their tasks on the go. "This really opens up opportunities for businesses to engage customers better and rectify issues with quality insights.", the spokesperson added.

With the increasing complexity of dealing with customer issues on social media such as Twitter, FDBKme just may provide the alternative businesses have been looking for.

The mobile web app will be accessible on mobile web browsers and is optimised for iOS and Android platforms. These are easily the most popular smartphone platforms with a combined market share of more than 50% - a huge customerbase.

FDBKme is available for free use (up to 10 responses per survey) and has a paid plan available by Paypal payment. For information visit the website

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FDBKme helps people create mobile surveys in a jiffy. It is a unique and innovative service that helps businesses and consumers alike engage their audience using a mobile web survey.
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