Monday, July 20th, 2009

David Winderlich, Australia’s last remaining Democrat MP, has challenged his party to recruit 1000 members by the end of November or he will run as an Independent.

Party officials were notified earlier this morning.

David said “We need to rekindle the original dream of the party, to be a sensible voice of reason that stands up for ordinary South Australians.

“But we can’t claim that role unless we have a lot more members – at least 1000 more.

“The Democrats’ membership, resources and morale have been declining for years.

“1,000 new members will secure the future of the party and ensure that South Australia has a genuine third choice.

“This bold strategy is the only way to revive the Democrats – and no one will be recruiting harder than me.

“But if the party does not embrace this challenge, or if the community does not respond, it will prove that the Democrats’ time has passed and I and others will have to look for a new way to keep Democrat values alive.

"This is a challenge to all current democrat members – if you care about your party get out and start recruiting.

“This is an invitation to all South Australians – if you don’t like politics in this state, if you don’t feel represented, join and make the Democrats into the kind of party that you want,” said David.

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David Winderlich

David Winderlich is a Member of the Legislative Council of South Australia.
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