Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
South Australian company Sentek Technologies continues its proven track record of innovation with the release of its new soil moisture and solute management system, Sentek MULTI.

This new package will provide multiple benefits to irrigators, farmers, researchers and environmentalists around the world. Sentek MULTI will provide much greater insight than ever before into the ongoing changes that are occurring in the soil, plant and surrounding environment.

The Technology:
Sentek MULTI is the most comprehensive package released by Sentek to date. It provides a logging and wireless data transmission system that combines site-specific temperature, rain, irrigation volume or flow, soil moisture and salinity data in the one Sentek supported product. Combined with the release of Sentek's latest data management software offering IrriMAX 9 and the recent release of the EnviroSCAN Flat Cap probe, Sentek MULTI combines all the essential field information in a single system.

Sentek MULTI is a system that provides great flexibility, making it the ideal solution for a wide range of users. The continuously updated information can be readily viewed in Sentek's IrriMAX Software from anywhere with internet access.

The highly regarded management software for Sentek MULTI, called IrriMAX 9 introduces some exciting new features. With the launch of a Premium version of software, Sentek has released a product that offers superior web compatibility, management alerts and reporting functions. It is an ideal product for advanced water management across multiple sites.

The standard IrriMAX 9 licence offers significant enhancements to useability. There is much greater flexibility in graphing, with full support for dipslay of information from a wide range of sources, not just soil moisture data. In addition, the already impressive zoom and navigation tools have been further enhanced to make viewing and management of data even simpler.

The benefits:
Such a wealth of valuable information in the one complete Sentek supported package gives the end user an extremely powerful decision making and management tool. Bundled into a user-friendly package, Sentek MULTI helps make informed management decisions to:
- save water
- save energy costs
- save fertilizer
- improve yields
- improve crop quality
- track water and contaminants through the profile
- gain insights into water movement for research
- improve management practices


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Sentek Technologies

Validated by science, backed by farmers and endorsed by industry; Sentek Technologies has been leading the world for 20 years in solutions for precision measurement and management of water and salinity dynamics in the soil profile.

Sentek is known for the provision of high quality, durable and reliable products backed up by strong local service and support. Sentek, in partnership with a network of highly qualified distributors, aims to help our customers gain the greatest possible understanding of what is happening below the ground surface. This is achieved through the provision of flexible solutions and ongoing training and customer support.

Sentek's philosophy has always been to provide products and services that are part of an “integrated approach” to soil water management and measurement. This provides a farmer, researcher or environmentalist with a much more complete understanding of what they are measuring and managing. It also helps to ensure that maximum value is gained from their investment.
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