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12 Keys to Property Success, Property Women's National Conference, wil be held on the Gold Coast October 29-30, 2011

That wise proverb tells us ‘knowledge is power’, and there is no better time to build your skills and education than in times of uncertainty so you can face your future investments with confidence and a sense of excitement.

Property Women co-founder Rachel Barnes says unpredictable property markets offer opportunities for an astute investor, so now is the time to sharpen your pencil. “This is the time for investors already in the market to review their loan structure and get pre-approval and hone their negotiation skills to buy bargains. And for those who haven't started yet, now you have the time to get educated, get finance organised and get out there into the market without the high pressure of boom time,” Rachel says.

To help women from all over Australia fine-tune their investing know-how, the annual Property Women’s National Conference is being held once again on the Gold Coast.

Sue Cowie, an inspirational cancer survivor from Qld has been a member of Property Women for years and says ”It’s not about the money, It’s about creating more time for my partner and I, to enjoy life”. Sue is a smart investor and is taking advantage of the current market. She recently purchased a block of 4 units in the Brisbane area for $430,000. Over the next few weeks she’ll be doing a renovation costing around $100,000 and will be renting each of the 4 units out at $250 per week. That’s $1,000 per week, and almost a 10% yield, which is double the average, and with interest rates tipped to reduce next month, this property will be even more of a cash cow.

Back in 2008 Sue knew that in order to move forward she needed education and booked herself into a Property Women event. “I know I was meant to be there” she said. “I was able to talk about my finance problems with one of the finance ladies. She was such a gem”. Finance is one of the key things for all investors and is a major component of the upcoming National Conference.

Rachel Barnes says property represents a relatively stable investment in our uncertain financial times. “I’ve seen the All Ordinaries drop by 4.00 per cent in just one day and that can happen day after day, and yet property across Australia has only dropped 0.38 per cent in one year,” Rachel says. “But one of the best things about property is that despite the market, it's still a tangible asset that you can use, plus you have the opportunity to buy it under value, and add value to it, to create more equity and more rental income.”

“I was interviewing Justin Eslick, a Buyer's Agent in Brisbane just the other day who confirmed how smart investors are picking up properties sometimes 20 per cent below value - so even if we have a few years of limited growth, that investor has already made a capital gain up front,“ says Rachel, adding that Justin will be speaking at the conference about how to find these kinds of deals.

Another speaker will be Property Women member Melanie MacDonald who has just bought a number of units in Noosa for about 40 per cent below bank valuation. “Melanie is a very savvy investor - she says she gets scared of buying in a boom and loves the market we're currently in,” Rachel says.

Rachel says a key ingredient to the Property Women National Conference’s popularity is the down-to-earth style of the presenters that have a way of clicking with the women who come along. “Some of our presenters have been members of the audience at our events and are now up there on the podium sharing their success stories,” says Rachel.

Property Women co-founder Judith Taylor will also be sharing her knowledge on the topic of how to add to value through renovations. “Renovating is a fantastic and fun way to add value to existing investments and to increase revenue from rentals,” Judith says. “There's lots of interest in renovations and the reality TV shows make good viewing, but they fail to focus on how to make money from renovating.” Judith will be sharing her tried and tested tips at the conference about how she’s been able to raise rents by up to 50 per cent from her property makeovers.

The Property Women National Conference presents a unique opportunity for women to get together and share everything they know and ask any questions they have about investing in property in a nurturing and inclusive environment. It’s perfect for women at any level of experience in their property investing plans – whether you’re just thinking of starting out or you already have an investment portfolio bursting with properties. Even one new idea, meeting or a-ha moment could underpin the next step you make. And all of this is spiced up with plenty of time to talk the talk (or just learn the lingo) with experts and other investors during laid-back networking sessions with deluxe catering so you have nothing to worry about but enjoying a perfect mix of business and pleasure.

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Property Women

Property Women prides itself on being an independent education provider and never touts properties or developments, so participants have full confidence there are no hidden agendas driven by commissions in the information at the conference. Property Women are so confident that you’ll love the weekend of learning and networking that they offer a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Property Women is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women by giving them the tools and networks to create pathways to success in any property market. There are many ways women can choose to participate in this process of learning through Property Women: through face-to-face workshops and seminars; a year-long ‘Brilliant Diamonds’ course; series of self-study CD packs; overseas education trips to a different country each year (in May 2011 they travelled to United States Florida to meet local property experts and investigate opportunities and are doing another trip there in November); or simply the streams of regular free tips that are emailed to a network of more than 18,000 women across Australia and New Zealand.

Property Women encourages women to have a clear goal about why they are investing and to develop their own unique strategy that serves their desired outcomes in both life and finance. Women are connected with experts in finance, tax, law, renovations, property development, and property improvements and also with like-minded women who share their own personal stories of investing success and what they’ve learnt along the way. The team at Property Women believe if you’re not having fun along the way then there’s no point doing it – and this philosophy is infused into everything they do.

Bio for co-founder Rachel:
Rachel Barnes built a property portfolio of 74 rental properties in less than seven years but she hasn’t always had a taste of bricks and mortar. Rachel grew up in south-east England in a caravan that her parents lived in throughout their lives.
When Rachel began buying properties she realised it was not only profitable, but also lots of fun. Over 7 years ago she had enough positive cash flow property to quit her job and decided to help launch Property Women so she could inspire other women with her ideas and passion for successful property investing. Rachel’s partner John thinks she’s a workaholic but she prefers to call herself a ‘fun-o-holic’.

Bio for co-founder Judith:
In just four years Judith Taylor has turned her finances, home and life around through what she’s learnt about renovations and property investing and she is passionate about sharing these ideas, tips and knowledge with others. Through renovations, Judith has transformed her own ‘derelict house’ into her dream home and has a portfolio of seven rental properties that have all been recreated under her clever touch.
Rachel Barnes
P: 0415 175 210


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