Friday, October 7th, 2011
The National Warner Chilcott (WCRx) team’s bold ambition “to be the team the industry aspires to be” saw them clinch the pharmaceutical “holy grail” for the second consecutive year when they were announced as ‘Sales Team of the Year’ at the 2011 PRIME Awards.

The contract sales team, employed by Invida, prides itself on its unique, spirited culture and sales management philosophies, and is led by internationally-acclaimed sales mastermind, Rob Dickerson.

According to Mr Rob Dickerson, Asia-Pacific and Marketing Manager for Warner Chilcott and Invida, the WCRx team’s second prestigious PRIME Award reflects the dedication and commitment of individual team members and their superb, collective performance.

“To be recognised at the Australian pharmaceutical industry’s most prestigious award ceremony for two consecutive years is quite overwhelming,” Mr Dickerson said. “It is unique for a team to win this coveted award twice and I’m incredibly proud. It really is the ‘holy grail’ of our industry.”

The WCRx team achieved their remarkable double win by demonstrating unparalleled customer focus, industry understanding and sales abilities, including elevating Pfizer’s Lipitor share of voice into a market leadership position last year.

“The WCRx team is considered the most knowledgeable representative team by their customers, according to Cegedim data,” Mr Dickerson said. “I do feel very blessed to work with a team that’s dedicated to helping better people’s quality of life. There are just so many inspirational people within the team. It makes me very proud to work alongside them.”

Mr Dickerson and the team’s managers literally work alongside their sales representatives, averaging about 110 days per year in the field, which is far more than the industry average.

Since their win late last month, Mr Dickerson said he has been inundated with people enquiring about the team’s secrets for success.

“The culture at WCRx is our secret ingredient. Managers need to appreciate the important role a positive team culture plays,” he said. “Great care is taken with the recruitment of new team members and much work is done throughout the on-boarding program, and qualifying period, to ensure new staff are committed to the greater good of the team objectives.

“The management team also receive ongoing training with innovative programs such as ‘The Ministry of Management’ to ensure they continue to cultivate a strong, positive culture. Each team member is responsible for preserving and continuing our team’s culture. The culture of our team is crucial to its performance and its culture directly correlates to the core values of our team.”

Mr Dickerson cited Warner Chilcott’s ‘Living the Values’ Award as integral to the team’s enviable culture.

“The ‘Living the Values’ Award recognises and rewards sales representatives who embody and exhibit the team’s values. Intangible team contributions and their impact on tangible outcomes for which our team is striving for, are highly valued,” Mr Dickerson said.

Mr Dickerson said sales teams should be viewed as investments in a company’s long term success.

“People are often surprised when I tell them the sales component is the number two cost of a pharmaceutical company beyond research and development. Companies should expect ROI in their sales team and the WCRx team delivers that to our clients. That level of consistency with an outsourced team is remarkable.”

Vital to the WCRx team’s success has been a cutting-edge approach based on building relationships and enhancing quality interactions with doctors and sales representatives, rather than traditional call metrics.

“Call quality is the biggest lead indicator for sales success for pharmaceutical companies,” Mr Dickerson said. “The industry is changing, and time-poor doctors demand sales representatives who appreciate quality interactions. While call metrics are important, there is no real benefit to a doctor or the pharmaceutical company without a thorough understanding of high-level call quality.”

Mr Dickerson added their second PRIME Award could be attributed to: “Getting the basics right, focusing on call quality and establishing a team that like what they are doing and enjoy working with their managers.”

The WCRx team also celebrated the achievements of Giles Cunningham, Senior Medical Representative, who was a finalist in the PRIME Awards ‘Sales Representative of the Year’ award.

“During the past five and a half years, Giles has consistently demonstrated high levels of performance within his territory,” Mr Dickerson said. “He undertook extensive analysis of his territory last year and played an important role training and mentoring new medical representatives. There are thousands of sales representatives in the industry, so for Giles to be recognised among the four PRIME Award finalists is sensational.”

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