Thursday, October 6th, 2011
Golf, full fat butter and milk, six squares daily of Cadbury's milk chocolate, two walks a day, murder mysteries, 6 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren and the prospect of a letter from the Queen keeps Denis keeping on

On Sunday October 23rd East Keilor (Melbourne) great grandfather Denis “Grandad” Read will celebrate his 100th birthday with one hundred friends and family at home where he still resides. He’s also hoping that Her Majesty might drop in for a cuppa as well during her Melbourne visit.

Physically and mentally alert as people forty years younger, it has been an action packed life for Denis. Beginning as a Mechanical Engineer in the UK, where, during WW2 at the age of 27, he took over the running of a steel mill and managing over 80 people in the North of England.

He emigrated to Australia in 1985 a few years after losing his one and only love, Nora.
“I have only ever been with the one woman all my life,” he said misty eyed.

One of his secrets to his long life lies in his love and passion for golf. A solid and consistent 10 handicapper over many years, he only retired from the sport at the age of 96!

“I played for the Essendon Veteran's golf club for many years and even managed to win the comp’ a few times,” he said proudly.

Now instead of walking the golf course he walks twice a day and only recently at a slightly reduced speed. He has been a lover of dogs all his life and remembers all of them very fondly, saying, “I meet lots of dog walkers and they are all lovely people.”

The self confessed ‘weather nut’ is enjoying life to the full, including other passions - murder mysteries and reading the daily newspaper back to back as well as tackling the cross word.

Dennis puts his long life down to luck, a wonderful family, full cream butter and milk, six squares of Cadburys milk chocolate and the prospect of receiving a congratulatory letter from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

“To be surrounded my family on such an occasion will be one of the happiest days of my life. I've been lucky all my life but when the great grandchildren come around, it gets rather noisy and I usually turn the hearing aids down,” he said.

After the celebrations on October 23rd, he will probably cook an egg on toast, with full butter of course, washed down with a cup of coffee with full cream milk, two sugars and finished off with some chocolate while he reads one of his favourite murder mysteries.

Denis Read would be happy to be interviewed so that he can inspire those who are feeling old before their time. He’s got the secret.

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