Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
Market research data is a crucial component to support any leading story. Australia’s key media can now access the latest market research findings via The Roy Morgan Market Research Update, a free newsletter subscription service.

The Roy Morgan Market Research Update is a convenient fortnightly email delivered direct to your inbox, containing the latest findings on a broad range of industries and sectors including automotive, finance and media, retail, technology and tourism. No subscription fee, no difficult sign up, just pure, powerful facts that can be used across all sectors of mainstream media.

Wondering what our most popular domestic travel destinations are, the latest buying intentions for the automotive industry, or up-to-date business confidence and employment figures?

The Roy Morgan Market Research Update contains articles on lifestyle and attitudes, media consumption (including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, cinema, catalogues, outdoor, pay TV and the Internet) brand and product usage, purchase intentions, retail visitations, service provider preferences, financial information and recreation and leisure activities.

By subscribing, you will be able to access research data that will boost the validity and influence of your feature article or interview topic, with top-line data from the largest annual survey of Australians. You gain access to the data that Australia’s best mainstream and industry media use for many front-page news articles.

“Roy Morgan’s Market Research Update not only helps media workers understand why Australians think and act the way they do. It is often news in its own right,” says Christian Kerr from The Australian.
Roy Morgan Single Source is Australia’s leading syndicated market research and one of the few genuine Single Source studies in the world. Conducting over 50,000 interviews annually in Australia and over 20,000 interviews annually in New Zealand, Roy Morgan successfully covers findings from every key industry.
Roy Morgan Research. As used on Can of Worms – Channel 10

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