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Interactive stories delivered by parents for kids’ issues and self empowerment.

Just imagine those treasured times when you read to your child… now imagine that when you do they are creating solutions to childhood issues, rectifying habits, gaining self confidence and being empowered to deal with future events easily.

This is the power of the meta4kids stories.

“This program is amazing - the cure for bedwetting really works! I still pinch myself constantly as this process was so easy” Therese Glowaski, QLD

In as little as just one reading of the stories, kids have stopped wetting the bed, resolved a fear of water, overcome the pain and experience of constipation and taken control in bullying situations. This also increased confidence and instilled a positive mindset.

Stories cover issues such as bedwetting, bullying, sleeping, emotional protection, listening and many self empowering and confidence building stories.

Stuart Walter, the Creator and Author of Meta4kids explains a highly emotional experience while holidaying with his own son that became the catalyst for the development of this unique programme.

During a casual conversation with a neighbouring mother at a holiday park, the mother turned to her son and asked if he wanted to go for a swim... The response of the young child was staggering… "Don't let me die mummy! Don't let me die!"

Being fully aware of the intensity of his response, the mother provided me with the background. For the past 18 months her son could not have his face splashed with water, no hair washing and no swimming. At the age of 18 months, he had slipped into the pool during a swimming lesson and the long-term results were intense to say the least.

With my heart in my mouth and tear in my eye (thinking about this and my own son), I created and wrote the story, ‘Fly and Be Free’ and I delivered the story to the boy's mother.

The following day as we returned to the caravan after a day out, we passed our neighbours walking back from the swimming pool. A look of amazement on the mother's
face, followed by a shrug of the shoulders and a smile as he excitedly told me how "we just went swimming and I dived under the water and splashed and... and..."

All the Meta4Kids stories are based on metaphors, the parents actually ‘deliver’ the stories with gestures, speech patterns and pauses, every child will hear the surface story and the unconscious mind interprets the hidden meanings, directions, and non verbal communication within and… the proof is in the results!

“After trying everything to help our 7 year old son (who is diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome) stop wetting the bed, I heard about Stuart's bedwetting story, and although skeptical, was willing to give it a try. How could a story stop something as difficult and habitual as bedwetting? Thanks Stuart! What other stories do you have?” Vee, Qld.

Stuart Walter is a father and is professionally trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy. As a published author, movie collaborator and Vice-president of an Australian Hypnotherapy Association, Stuart is regarded as specialist in his field.

Throughout his career as a professional clinical hypnotherapist, Stuart has created and delivered stories to his son and these experiences have now been converted into a series of 20+ stories for parents around the world. Stories are available individually, in packs of 3 specifically targeted to an issue or the complete ‘Meta4Kids Toolbox’ including all the stories, Kids and Mums MP3 downloads and exclusive Meta4ids Sleep Music.

Stuart says “The results still amaze me…and I wrote the stories! Every child and parent will benefit, as parents get to understand the stories, they will become aware of the subtle changes they can make to create amazing changes and improvements in their own child's life”.

For every parent who wanted an instruction book for their kids… here it is!

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My name is Stuart Walter and I am a professionally trained Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I am the Director of Vision Hypnotherapy Solutions and Sports, I specialise in elite sports and business performance. I work with people to maximise performance, attitude and results. My clients include State, National, Commonwealth and World Champions, within the walls of my professional offices in Brisbane, Australia, many lives have been transformed forever.

It is as a father that I continue to experience the greatest pleasure in seeing the enormous growth and development that occurs when children are provided with the opportunity to release the endless potential and abilities that lie within.

My son and his growth is my passion, over the last five years I have created, written and developed the meta4kids stories to assist in his growth, development and safty. All the 20+ stories and sleep CD's have evolved from real life experiences... with amazing results.

Now... imagine those treasured times as you read to your kids, as you do now, they become the solution to their own issues such as bedwetting, bullying, sleeping and building confidence creating self empowerment.

As a professional speaker and published author of 'The Dear Diary Process', I present regular seminars and love sharing my knowledge and experience gained through thousands of clients over the years. Combined with the love for my son, I am proud to share my stories with every parent and child. 

Creating champions is in my blood and I am pleased to be able to share my passion and abilities with you in creating the path in life for your own little champions.

Stuart Walter
P: 0448 105 844
W: www.meta4kids.com.au/index.cfm


Bedwetting, bullying, sleeping, emotional protection and self empowerment stories.



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