Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Australian Manufacturers Need to Focus on Importance of IP and Its Role in the Development, Protection, and Commercialisation of Intellectual Property-AMCRC’s Innovativity Sets Sights on Improving Australian Innovation Skills on a Global Scale

AMCRC Steps In to Offer Change within Australian Manufacturing Sector

As Australian manufacturing firms look for answers to increase their stance in the global markets, AMCRC’s Innovativity Management Training program aims to provide the solutions. Recent studies show that Australian manufacturers rate well below average in OECD measures as it relates to investment in research and development. Most at AMCRC collectively agree that in order to reverse this downward trend and improve Australia’s economic performance, this trend needs to be reversed.

On a more promising note, the last 20 years has proven to be the most profitable and progressive for manufacturers involved in international trade. However, as Australia’s industry is structured around SMEs, the opportunity for Australian SMEs to thrive in the international trade industry has all but been apparent in recent years. AMCRC wants to reverse this trend with the introduction of the Innovative Management Training Program, which gives SMEs the tools and knowledge to systematically approach R&D expenditure to minimise risk.

A recent study performed by Deloitte in June had reinforced the idea that the competitive landscape for manufacturing is evolving as we speak. The key factor, that forces competitiveness is obtaining workers who are fully capable of supporting and implementing innovation practices. This area of focus has the utmost potential for increased financial performance and productivity; Australian manufacturers should take these findings very seriously.

Innovation through Collaboration

“There is a link between innovation and collaboration. It’s essentially through collaboration that innovation is driven.” states Bruce Grey, Managing Director of Australia’s AMCRC. This statement stands true for all manufacturing companies looking for solutions to keep competitive in today’s market. “It’s through collaboration where a number of bodies in the organisation are working together to solve problems or foresee future problems which they attempt to pre-empt with solutions today.” Grey concluded.

As Australian manufacturing companies scramble to find the answers to future sustainment on a global level, the answer, however, may lay within the teachings of AMCRC’s Innovation Management Training. Thus far, this program has been a hit amongst those who have attended the previous Innovativity program held in June. The measurable success of Innovativity’s first training seminar in June has gained substantial attention from other manufacturers wishing to take advantage of this rare opportunity.

Innovativity Future Programs

To reach out to other parties interested in being involved with Innovativity’s training program, future programs are scheduled for the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th of October. Additional training programs have since been announced for the month of November in Brisbane, and also February in Sydney. Those interested can register by visiting http://innovativity.com.au/program/. Those who register will also receive additional information such as detailed scheduling and pricing.

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Innovativity, conceived by the Advanced Manufacturing Co-Operative Research Centre (AMCRC), provides training as it relates to innovation management while focusing on key solutions to promote and sustain innovation. Innovativity also equips employees with proven skills, tools, and resources required to develop, protect, and commercialise new technology.

For more information about the Innovation Management Training Program visit http://innovativity.com.au/
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Advanced Manufacturing CRC

The Advanced Manufacturing CRC is part of the Cooperative Research Centres Program where, with funding from the Australian Government, researchers and industries are brought together to develop lasting innovative solutions. With an emphasis on delivering economic, environmental and social benefits, the CRC program combines leading research capabilities with invaluable industry knowledge and intellectual property.
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