Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Solution Forest, a consulting company that oversees the development and deployment of innovative information systems for both non-profit and for-profit organisations, will now offer its clients an innovative data backup solution powered by incriptus.

Solution Forest Executive Director, Dr Nhiem Lu says, “The organisations we deal with have a definite need to deal with growing amounts of data and to cost-effectively secure that data. We believe the incriptus solution provides just that.”

Nearly all computer hard drives have unused space, which the incriptus backup technology utilizes to provide an efficient, low cost solution. The incriptus technology first encrypts files, then fragments them, and distributes those fragments to computers throughout the user network. “We were attracted to the incriptus solution because of its ability to safety distribute data across the incriptus user network or our client’s own network, and totally eliminate the need for a large data centre and its associated expense,” said Dr. Lu.

incriptus CEO Trevor Glen says that until now backing up data into the cloud has meant sending encrypted files to large, remotely located data centres that are huge energy consumers and are vulnerable to natural disasters. “Because we distribute encrypted pieces of data, no file can be reconstructed from any individual fragment and no complete document resides on any single computer in any single location,” said Mr Glen.

Dr. Lu notes “Growing individual IT solutions is what we are about and the incriptus technology allows us to do just that for all of our clients that are looking for an efficient, maximum security solution for their data backup.”

Solution Forest is an information systems consultancy designed to solve complex organisational problems and grow individual IT solutions for a wide range of organisations in the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors. The company’s expertise is in business process re-engineering, and developing innovative, custom tailored Information Systems.

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Founded by five software engineers from Motorola, incriptus offers an eco-friendly backup solution that does not require the expense and carbon footprint associated with typical server farms and data centres. The company has redefined the cloud by making “private clouds” possible through the distribution of encrypted fragments of files across user computers within an organisation using backup powered by incriptus. The incriptus technology has received local, national, and international awards.
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