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A list of inspirational messages written on 108 individual cards that are shuffled and drawn randomly, soon begin to form a series of repetitive selections. Words and statements of encouragement, revelation, insight, and answers are seeking our attention to sit up and take notice or action.

Melbourne, Australia October 1st 2011 The perceptive messages written on the 108 individual cards are catching on. The more one synchronizes with them, the more the messages seem to speak, revealing answers like whether one might be travelling on a true path or have temporarily drifted.

The saying ‘it’s all there in black and white’ has a new meaning in the form of 108 cards created to synchronize with a person’s intuitive energy to access the power of inner guidance. Whether the message is one that instills encouragement, self confidence or focuses on an area the user may have overlooked, the awareness inspires new thought patterns that begin to create the changes desired. The gentle, positive guidance allows individuals to seek alternative perspectives so that they may fulfill their highest potential.

Lifetiles108 was created to be a contemporary, user-friendly yet effective method of guidance designed for our fast evolving modern world. As users learn how to trust their instincts, they become the passenger and their intuition becomes the driver.

The cards are an exciting avenue for people around the world to get quiet and receive guidance simplified. Many people make the mistake of seeking others opinions and answers instead of listening to their own inner guide. People have been known to follow expectations and find themselves removed from the path they are meant for. The simple deck of cards is changing lives one by one.

The helpful cards available at are truly a unique deck of self help cards. They are the ‘black’ sheep of similar products such as tarot cards, angel cards or typically spiritual products. Packaged in a simple black box the design has purposely followed a minimalist approach which provides an alternative method for seeking answers and building confidence, other than daily horoscopes.

The intuitive cards have an attractive and strong presence that stands quietly and proudly on any desk or coffee table. The disinterested even find themselves saying “it’s not my type of thing” and are secretly taking the deck and using them in quiet moments, putting the Lifetiles 108 to the test.

The lifestyle 108 cards are receiving favourable reviews from those familiar with guidance cards. Many are saying how refreshing it is to understand the message in simple, no fuss terms.

Intuition lives in each person and like a personal navigation tool, it is always switched on and working behind the scenes. At times the messages and signs instinct is trying to convey are not clear and dissolve into everyday distractions. Lifetiles 108 is a way people may interpret the language of intuition and have a clear direct signal to their ‘intuitive inbox. Learn more by visiting http://

Journalists and bloggers may request a sample deck of cards by contacting [email protected]

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Lifetiles 108

A Melbourne based company launched 1st July 2011.  The product, a unique deck of cards created to synchronise with intuitive energy and access the power of inner guidance sells online for AU$39.95 plus delivery.

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