Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Toop TV's property commentators delve into how you can make money at a young age by strategically investing in property (Episode 98 -

"The younger you start investing, the more money you are likely to make" reports Toop.TV presenter Elise Partington. "It's never too early to start investing in property," she says.

The Young Investors Club suggest that young property owners should hold onto their investments for at least two growth cycles - this will maximize the chances and room to make profit.

Anthony Toop, a leader in the South Australian real estate industry says that historically, property prices usually double after a hold period of 7 - 10 years. "Property prices doubling over a seven to 10 year period has been the norm," Mr Toop says. "It's certainly what I have experienced in my 30 years in the business."

However Mr Toop is aware that this is not always the case - therefore, as suggested by Young Investors Club, it is important to leave room for the second growth cycle.

In order to make the initial property purchase, savings and sacrifices are still key, including living at home for longer and maybe even assistance from the parents.

"Mum and dad also contribute by lending a hand with the deposit for going guarantor," says Elise, "but with steady repayments, young investors can be well on their way to owning independently."

Also in Episode 98 of Toop TV:

- Live in the studio, Mark Potter, Associate Director of Baker Young Stockbrokers discusses where best to invest your money in the current market.

- See inside SA’s Finest homes, including Lot 106 Starrs Gully Road, One Tree Hill, 41 Carlton Street, Highgate and 38 Hall Street, Semaphore.

- Suburb Insider takes a look at what the beach-side town of West Lakes has to offer.

- Get the synopsis on how the start of the spring season is affecting the rental market.

View the complete episode and previous episodes at - and look out for Episode 99 live on Wednesday afternoon, 5 October 2011.


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