Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
ORLANDO, USA – February 13, 2012

Opaltone exhibited its latest patented product development during the annual IMI Digital Inkjet Conference, held February 1-3 in Orlando, FL.

After many successful years in the Packaging market, Opaltone is now able to bring it’s revolutionary color system, which combines both color reproduction systems; Additive (RGB) and Subtractive (CMY) into the digital color arena, introducing a vastly expanded color gamut to the inkjet world.

Opaltone’s inkjet system consists of the VK RIP & 6 color (CMYR’G’B’) AquaFlo® 100% pigment ink set. The system does not require Pk, Lk or LLk inks. Black is created in the RIP and output as a combination of R’G’B’, delivering neutral Blacks without the need to use Carbon Black pigment, which also is an environmental plus for this CarbonKfreeTM ink system.

This means a significant advantage for CPC Brand Managers, Advertising agencies and Designers. Even indoor signs, posters, exhibition signage and art reproduction quality can be vastly improved from use of this system.

About Opaltone

Opaltone® is a patented imaging technology that digitally mixes CMY+R’G’B’ process inks. Black (K) ink is optional. The design & cost benefits are amazing; more colors from less ink plus a cleaner environmental because there’s no ink waste. Opaltone printers are already helping to reduce the millions of spot color inks stockpiled across our planet. You can do the same. An expanded gamut and a greener planet, welcome to the future of print. http://www.opaltone.com

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