Thursday, September 29th, 2011, a unique Consumer Protection Agency based in Melbourne, puts Service Providers on notice, by launching innovative concepts, methods and techniques that create fierce competition between major Retail, Utility and Service Provider giants. The goal is to save consumers thousands of dollars on everyday expenses across numerous industry sectors.

According to CEO and Founder Mr. Jamie Tratnik: “Millions of Australians are seriously fed up with excessive price rises, broken promises, poor customer service, intolerable service issues, unfair charges and or are experiencing deceptive conduct with their major Electricity and Petrol companies, Banks, Supermarkets, Telco's, Airline Agencies and more.”

Research conducted by Core Data estimates over 1 million banking customers want to change banks due to these issues. With petrol jumping 27 cents last week, sky rocketing to $1.54 across Australia and hundreds of thousands of customer complaints against service providers, electricity disconnections and estimations ripping customers off in recent years, something needs to be done NOW! 

“Australians now have a place to complain, take real action, gain control and hold the major companies accountable. Every Australian, and any concerned campaigner or organisation across Australia needs to join forces with We-R1-One to stop this nonsense," Mr Tratnik says.

“Every minute you wait costs you money, so come and join the We-R1-Army©"

We-R1-One represents consumers of all ages, teens, adults, pensioners, businesses and corporations who have these listed expenses. represents multiple household members as each will need a separate membership card to obtain discounts.

Mr Tratnik advised that: "We-R1-One Pty Ltd has been working on REAL ways to stimulate COMPETITION and to control excessive price increases. We now have the winning formulas and strategic plans to help millions of consumers around the world potentially save thousands + dollars on essential bills per year.” is the first corporate organisation of its kind in the world to invent such a unique form of artificial competition. That means forcing competition between major retailers themselves without actually opening up an outlet that directly competes with the opposition for market share of comparable products, advertising or even prime real estate. is heavily involved in the pursuit of Law Reform across many important consumer issues and public interest matters at a Governmental level which affects every Australian. Things like petitioning against serious crimes, miscarriage of justice and smart meter issues plus more. is an independent organisation specializing in rebuilding consumer confidence, the uniting of all Australians and the boycotting of excessive prices across Australia to keep prices low. We R Australia’s UNIQUE Consumer protection & Competition Intelligence Agency, which creates TRUE and unprecedented competition like never seen before, which literally forces prices down down.

Mr. Tratnik said:  "Forget Group Stitching Schemes (wanting thousands of people) to get cheaper prices and comparison web sites. They bring you on a silver platter to the supplier. Brokers are always at the mercy of the suppliers and make money for them like a sales rep. They do not create competition or prevent price rises. They only offer temporary band aid solutions to gigantic problems, plus a majority keeps all your commissions, unlike us."

Mr. Tratnik asks consumers: “Do you want to save 25%, 35% + on your Electricity, Gas bills or get the lowest prices on Supermarket, Air fares, Petrol and other expenses? Do you want to be paid back a guaranteed 100% of any commissions? Commissions can add up to thousands + all other discounts. Well, it’s all up to you supporting us. We are not greedy and will make our money on small memberships. We will grow your money and give back 100% of any commissions we may be successful in obtaining to our loyal members as a real $$$ reward! No point system here.

Additionally members will substantially benefit from guaranteed discounts across multiple retail suppliers targeted, locked in dicounts/prices for long periods of time, guaranteed lowest prices across Australia, simplified charging, improved customer service, consumer protection and creating fierce competition. Try our website calculator and see your savings add up before your eyes (any commissions you may receive are on top of these estimated savings).

According to Mr. Tratnik: “Coles Group owns Flybuys! They have 10 Million card holders and I was one of them, but no longer as I believe it’s a rip-off. The benefits we offer are exceptionally greater. We want every Flybuys card holder to join our limited time FREE registration today, use mobile SMS send full name, address, home phone & email to 0467 555 111, 24/7 Or visit our web site to sign up and see Coles reward points exposed in a news article.

Mr. Tratnik stated: the suppliers know “Without REAL competition in Electricity, Groceries, Clothing and Petrol we may not function well as a Society so we are forced to buy from them. Equally as important, is without your $$$ dollar, your customer demand and your loyalty to stay with a supplier, the suppliers will not be able to survive and make Multimillions and Billions off of you.”

This is how suppliers have control over us individuals, “No more puppets on a string, let’s cut the ties and control this thing”©. The only way to turn the tables is by joining there is NO other solution available!

By doing this:

1. 'We R' empowered again
2. Major Companies lose their control over us (no more puppets on a string)
3. We regain legal control over the suppliers
4. We choose our own destiny
5. We choose where our dollars go
6. We support Companies that offers us best value for our hard earned dollar
7. We recommend all consumers support independent suppliers (over major         outlets) to send a strong message to create competition and keep prices low.

We R the inventors of ARTIFICIAL competition, we hold the key to the solutions “of your excessive price problems”. We create exceptional savings and unite a Network of Australians creating ONE powerful force of consumers. “Can you think of any better solution? We R 1, R you 1? ©

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We-R1-One Pty Ltd

We-R1-One Pty Ltd, is an Independent Corporate Organisation specialising in uniting all Australians and rebuilding Consumer Confidence. We R Australia’s UNIQUE Consumer Protection & Competition Intelligence Agency, which actually creates true competition like never seen before and literally forces prices down.

We-R1-One was founded in 2005, developed extensively during 2008 and registered in January 2011. We-R1-One has been working on finding REAL ways to stimulate COMPETITION for several years. We now have the winning formulas and strategic plans to help almost every single Australian Consumer save money (Whether you are a Pensioner, Teenager, , Business or an employee of the suppliers we are targeting) which no one else in Australia or the World has been able to do before now. takes registrations from all over the World and benefits every member from every house hold who has en expense that fits the industry categories. We now have followers from the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia. We-R1-One represents all ages, from Teens, Adults, Pensioners, Household and Businesses whom have expenses that fit our categories above.

We are the first corporate organisation of its kind in the world to create such a powerful and unique form of artificial competition. This means forcing competition between Billion Dollar Companies who provide services to all consumers and average householders – without opening a shop front that directly competes with them for; Market share of comparable products, masses of customers, prime real estate locations and or using major strategic marketing and advertising campaigns.
Jamie Tratnik
P: 0419 888 259

Vaughnn Brooks

P: 0427 100 540


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