Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
The way households and businesses connect to the internet has evolved - The Smelly Black Dog Company now offers a new range of DSL-CONNECT and DSL-EXPRESS plans.

Following today's release of these new plans, users now have access to faster Internet speeds and a more generous download limit.

Marking the release of the new plans, marketing manager Michelle Thomas said the company was the first locally based ISP to deliver these plans in the Tropical North of the state, and that The Smelly Black Dog Company was eager to deliver the benefits of the new plans which will include better service and address the needs of everyday users of the internet for the region and also for the remainder of Australia.

“We know that this new range of plans will be popular with consumers at large, so we have worked with our wholesaler to install extra capacity in our POPS to allow new customers to join up and experience the new download limits”

Ms Smith, a local resident and the first customer to trial the new plans, said that her family was excited about the new plans, as now there is no shaping as we experienced previously and our children use the internet for school studies and itunes as well I use it to pay bills, shop and keep in touch with my family interstate. Being upgraded to the new plan with faster speed and larger download limit, means I can get my work done quicker and without the fear of the children blowing the download limit.

Ms Thomas, went further to explain by adding our net2phone service, customers will get far cheaper phone calls, and overall, this package brings all customers better performance, reliability and upgrade in technology all in one complete package.

More information can be found on our website at www.smellyblackdog.com.au/express_dsl.html

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The Smelly Black Dog Company Pty Ltd

SBDC is a Queensland based Internet Service Provider with its Head Office located in Cairns. It is 100% privately owned and has very high standards for delivering customer satisfaction.

The Smelly Black Dog Company was established in early 2008 to serve our current customers as the company we were working for was about to be sold to a NSW Company. Realising that the Tropical North of Queensland required a local company to service and support their networks and IT infrastructure, the company was born. Since then we have grown and now offer our products and services to both Mainland Australia and Tasmania. With our broad range of products and services we now serve a broad range of industries including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, tourism, retail, education, and community organisations.

Since our inception, we have become a leader in providing the lastesr of internet technologies and solutions for our customers. As our client requirements and expectations have grown, we not only provided them in the short term, but rather we are continually updating our software and hardware to plan for the futue.

We have redundancy by having colocation facilities in Brisbane, Sydney in mulitple locations and the USA, with new servers being planed for the UK in in the 3/4 quarter of 2011

We are empowered to source the lastest in technology, with many years of combined experence in the IT Industry, and exciting partnership with other IT providers we can not only provide, but support our customers well into the future.
Michelle Thomas
P: 1300047638
W: www.smellyblackdog.com.au


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