Monday, September 26th, 2011

Are you tired of having to figure out how to wrap your newborn for sleep or need a new way to prevent your baby from scratching? Let Sleepy Wings come to your rescue. Sleepy Wings is a new INPAA-approved baby slumber jacket that assists parents during those precious first months of life when the baby’s startle reflex leaves them with little limb control. Tired parents no longer have to try to remember the way the nurses explained how to swaddle the new baby in the hospital – Sleepy Wings is a versatile alternative to keep your baby happy while they feed and sleep.

Sleepy Wings allow babies to have the benefits of a swaddle, without many of the drawbacks. It allows baby to sleep in their preferred position, yet not wake themselves up by scratching. The flexibility of Sleepy Wings also lets a baby self soothe with or without their dummy. The special dummy pockets are placed in easy reach of the baby’s mouth and when the baby finds one and begins to suck, the dummy is released from the pocket.

Sleepy Wings is also great for climates with warmer temperatures as it allows the majority of the baby’s body to be free from extra layers. Using Sleepy Wings during milk feeds prevents baby from scratching or pinching. In addition, Sleepy Wings can also aid babies with eczema, by preventing scratching and further aggravation of their condition. Hip dysplasia is yet another situation that can be aided by the use of Sleepy Wings by allowing a baby with a hip brace to be swaddled.

Sleepy Wings can also eliminate incorrect swaddling as only the arms are covered and the hips can move freely.

Available in three sizes and colors, Sleepy Wings is sure to increase the comfort of your baby and make your job as parents that much easier!

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