Friday, September 23rd, 2011
Desktop virtualization is a revolutionary technology which allows users to access their computers from homes, offices, data centers or any other locations such as airport, hotel room etc. ThinPoint by provides the most secure and cost-efficient virtualization of desktop. It is backed by industry veterans and has already been used in more than 6000 organizations worldwide. ThinPoint utilizes the most advanced architecture and design to provide network solutions to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. It can increase a company’s productivity by quickly provisioning and delivering business desktops and applications to users. ThinPoint provides simplified remote access to user desktops via Internet even behind firewalls.

IT security is a major hurdle which can make organization of any size uncomfortable. ThinPoint provides a safer haven for information as compared to local computers. ThinPoint is known for its security and highest performance platform to centralize, virtualize and deliver desktop and applications over the internet. The clients require no installation and no elevated privileges to run this application. As compared to physical desktops, it is easier to build new virtual desktops and even patch all systems at once. Also, the deployment of thin computing technology promotes the practice of green computing. ThinPoint combines virtualization of desktop and server based computing to reduce computing power consumption by more than 50%.


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NetLeverage is an innovative leader in Virtual Desktop, Application Delivery and Cloud Desktop. ThinPoint Virtual Private Desktop (VPD) by NetLeverage is a Desktop Virtualization technology which provides multiple users access concurrently from any device including iPhone and iPad. Founded in 2003, NetLeverage has grown rapidly to become one of Australia’s most exciting software businesses in Desktop Virtualisation. NetLeverage customers include Toyota, Optus, Tata, the NSW Department of Commerce, Timeout London, Northern Territory Aboriginal Health and Washington University. For more details on ThinPoint VPD technology, please browse through
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