Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
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Melbourne - Australia

The need for businesses to obtain immediate results from their investment training activity has never been greater. "Rather than just passively sitting in a training sessions, there is a strong demand from business owners to achieve an outcome in the session" says Marcus Tarrant, Inventor of HyperQuestions.

The HyperQuestion approach offers an entirely new approach to events that is hybrid between consulting, training.

The first HyperQuestion based event is being held in Sydney in October 2011 and is completely sold out. Further events are now planned in Melbourne (18th Oct) Sydney (25th Oct) and Brisbane (27th Oct) to enable attendees to create a comprehensive business plan in the one day session.

Rather than merely going along to learn about how to develop a business strategy, business model and business plan, attendees will use HyperQuestion technology to actually create a complete 40 page business plan in the one day session.

"Attendees will be handed their completed 40 Page Business Plan on a USB stick at the end of the day" says Tarrant.

This new "Group Consulting" approach enables high quality documentation to be created in less time and with up to a 20X reduction in cost over traditional consulting.

By using a guided series of questions, known as HyperQuestions, each user goes through a unique experience within each key process step, facilitated by an experienced consultant. Rather than just learning about the topic, the user actually gets the result that they are seeking.

Whilst to date HyperQuestions have only been applied to the discipline of Business Planning, there are a variety of training programs that would benefit from this approach.

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The HyperQuestion approach was developed to enable event attendees to achieve a consulting level result within the session itself. By using structured questions that tailor to the attendee as they progress through the process, we are able to achieve a consulting result that would normally take weeks and tens of thousands of dollars in a full one day session.

HyperQuestions were developed by Marcus Tarrant, an accomplished management consulting who has worked for leading consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Lloyd Morgan Consulting.
Marcus Tarrant
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