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Innovative Training Program Set for October in Melbourne Expects to Receive Attention from Manufacturing Representatives Looking for Change – Industry Experts Looking to Positively Transform Australian Manufacturing Segment

Innovation Management Training Gaining Recognition in Australia

Right on the heels of the first Innovation Management Training program held in June, Advanced Manufacturing CRC has decided to keep the ball rolling by announcing a future training program to be held in October, in Melbourne. Those who attended the first Innovativity Training program, which included representatives from Earth Systems, Planet Innovation, and Tasweld Engineering, had nothing but praise for the program. Richard Parkinson of Tasweld Engineering was also impressed with what the program had to offer. “This program is a fantastic tool to take away and implement into our business,” he stated.

Innovativity’s goal with Innovation Management Training is to provide training participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement into their business activities. Ultimately, businesses will learn the process of quickly adapting to change and capitalising on commercial trends.

The Importance of Innovation Awareness in Manufacturing

Manufacturing competition, especially on an international level, has become increasingly competitive and ever changing. Australian manufacturing firms are finding it difficult to keep up with important trends on a global level; this is where Innovativity steps in to provide insight. Innovation Management Training demonstrates the key points of the innovation process, some of which include:

  • Developing a concise business strategy and how innovation tactics play a key role.
  • How future science and technology can influence market trends and unforeseen problems that my result.
  • Analyze R&D strategies and determine if they parallel with future market opportunities.
  • Safeguarding confidential information and the consequences of not doing so.
  • Capitalizing on recently produced confidential information and intellectual property.

Innovativity has become aware of the needs and concerns of manufacturing firms and has committed to educating its representatives in key areas of innovation.

Australian Manufacturers Moving Forward with Innovativity

Advanced Manufacturing CRC’s Innovation Management Training is well on course when it comes to boosting the confidence levels of manufacturing employees. “The Innovativity program will positively influence Australian businesses because there are thousands of SME’s in Australia that need practical assistance with innovation,” stated Bruce Grey, Managing Director of Australia’s Advanced Manufacturing CRC.

“These firms need to understand that this [innovation] is not a process to be afraid of,” Grey continued. “Innovation is not mysterious but is in fact a systematic process that if tackled methodically will help them develop a strategy for the growth and increased value of their business.” Grey concluded.

Innovativity is hosting their next 4-day course in Melbourne; dates are set for October 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Seats are limited, so those interested are encouraged to register early to ensure a spot. Future programs are also set for November in Brisbane and February in Sydney. The next three programs are open for media coverage.

For more information, companies can register via the Innovativity website Participants will also receive information such as pricing, scheduling, and related brochures upon registration.

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