Thursday, September 22nd, 2011
Gold Coast based entrepreneur has developed a prosperous business based around his specially blended green tea along with other healthy weight loss solutions.

A study conducted by the University of Geneva and reported on in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation.

Founder of Tribeca Health Steve Trinder says this industry on the Gold Coast is lacking full support in the weight loss journey.

“There are a number of businesses in this sector that are promoting their products alone without support or health advice to accompany them,” Mr Trinder says.

“It doesn’t matter what weight loss remedies or products are available, the most success will come from the full regime which includes eating right and exercising regularly.

“Tribeca’s programs have been developed over a number of years from extensive research in collaboration with leading personal trainer, weight loss expert and Miss Universe body building champion, Anne Marie Laserre.”

Mr Trinder says the research proves the benefits green tea can have for weight control and general health and well being.

“Research has found an interaction with the active ingredients of green tea that promotes increased metabolism and fat oxidation,” Mr Trinder says.

“The findings all point towards the notion that the herbal remedy has substantial implications for weight control.

“After seeing green tea work first-hand I had to find away to let others know of this age-old secret to build my business in helping others lose weight.”

Mr Trinder says he formed Tribeca Health to offer a healthy weight loss alternative for Australians who are struggling with their weight.

“While the Green Tea X50 is the cornerstone of the business, there is no magic pill for weight loss,” Mr Trinder says.

“Weight loss is about lifestyle and knowledge and there are too many products on the market that stand alone without supporting health advice or regimes to assist in the weight-loss journey.

“The key to weight loss is good metabolic function so you are burning all your food as energy and not storing it as body fat and with X50 you will get these results.

“It is important to know the right types of food to eat at what time of day to do so in order to maximise weight loss.”

Mr Trinder says they formed the Tribeca Health VIP club to promote all the ways customers can manage their weight-loss effectively.

“Aside from providing the X50 solution, we promote healthy eating, exercise and ways to stay mentally positive to members of the VIP club,” Mr Trinder says.

“We provide meal planners to our members designed to rehabilitate their metabolism and get their body back to using food for energy rather than storing it as fat.

“Our award-winning athlete Ann Marie reveals health and weight loss tips and guides to our VIP club members towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

Tribeca Health are confident their products will provide weight loss benefits that they are one of the only companies that give a 30-day money back offer.

For more information on Tribeca Health or Green Tea X50 visit the website at or phone 07 5656 0888.

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